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How Does Turnitin Work

The internet has literally brought the world into our grasp. Life has been made much easier through it. The students especially see it as a blessing since it contains a vast plethora of information which helps them in completing their dreaded assignments on time. However where once they could just copy and paste their assignments, now they need to weave their way around anti-plagiarism tools which have developed to curb the growing luxury. It is where Turnitin comes in. It is one of the most famous anti-plagiarism tools in the world.

How Does Turnitin Function?

Turnitin as a whole is an incredibly simple tool to use. Its functioning is explained through the following points:-

• The students submit their papers through the tool’s official website.
• Turnitin’s algorithm then compares it with articles and papers submitted and published online on the website.
• The teacher then gets a report with details of the percentage of paper that matched other sources from the site’s database.
• Turnitin uses color codes to distinguish the unoriginal contents as well.

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Is The Use Of  Turnitin Necessary and Justified?

There are contradictory views regarding the use of Turnitin. While some believe it to be a handy tool for improvement, others are of the opinion that Turnitin breaks the bond of trust between a teacher and his/her students. However, it all boils down to the approach of the professor when he/she surveys the result onscreen.

• Turnitin specifically makes a person understand the concept of plagiarism correctly. It makes the students realize the difference between paraphrasing and quoting.
• It also gives a detailed feedback which makes it easier for the teachers to assess the work of the students. It also provides a detailed insight to the students regarding their mistakes and helps them correct it properly to avoid repeating it in the future.
• However, a negative aspect of using Turnitin is the growing influence of technology, most importantly computers, in the field of traditional education that is affecting the genuine. These tools cannot correct everything accurately, and that might be a problem. If you are thinking, ‘I have to pay someone to do my homework online’, then we can surely say you that assignments4u is the right choice for you. Their team also serve editing, homework guidance, term papers, and projects mentoring.

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Misconceptions About Turnitin:

To understand the workings of Turnitin, you need to be aware of the tool at first. Here are the following common misconceptions that may give you an entirely wrong idea about Turnitin.

It detects plagiarism-

There is a thin line between detecting similarity and detecting plagiarism. Turnitin simply detects the similarity between two texts and leaves it upon the teacher to deliver the final judgment.

There is no need for the Originality report after viewing the Similarity index-

Simply interpreting the Similarity index is not possible without viewing the Originality report.

The papers submitted are easily accessible to others-

It is entirely untrue. Turnitin protects the documents submitted and does not allow access to student’s database.

The source used by the student/writer is the same as that mentioned in the Originality report-

A particular content might have numerous duplications online. Hence it is not necessary that both of them have to be the same.

Turnitin is easy to trick-

Once the student receives the Originality report, there is a 24 hours gap within which he/she can submit the paper again. It prevents students from re-submitting their papers and spinning content continuously.

Matched texts may be common knowledge mostly-

The tool has the feature of excluding small matches if the instructor decides to eliminate common phrases.

Turnitin grades papers automatically-

The tool only detects the similarity in texts. The grading is up to the teacher.

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Pros & Cons of  Turnitin:

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1. It discourages plagiarism.

2. The comments of the instructors can be recorded or typed.

3. The grades are transferred to NEO directly.

4. It gives detailed feedback to the students.

5. Different file types are accepted by it.

6. Searching tools are automated.

7. It is detailed in its explanations.

8. The reports are provided maximum within 48 hours.

9. It detects if the students try to “trick” it by spinning the content.


1.  NEO rubric cannot be exported to Turnitin.

2. Internet access is required to grade a paper.

3. It is sometimes slow to refresh.

4. It directs the attention of the students on the similarity percentage rather than helping them to develop their writing skills.

5. It doesn’t distinguish between correctly cited content and plagiarism accurately.

6. Unable to check the originality of the tables or figures used in the assignment.

7. It’s expensive.


Turnitin is essentially the most popular tool used by schools and universities to check plagiarism. It does have its advantages and is a practical tool, but it should not be entirely depended upon since its results may sometimes be inaccurate. In other words, it should be used as an additional tool to help establish efficiency while correcting papers. It should not be confused with a plagiarism detection tool since Turnitin, simply makes informed evaluations about the work of the students so that it is easier for them and their teachers to identify the mistakes and correct them. Hence use it if you want to improve your efficiency. You can type ‘help me with my homework’ in the dashboard or chat section of the homepage in assignments4u to avail their service.

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