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HIST 140-Why it Matters?

Jul 21, 2023

 Summarize the information from the videos & explain to me (using what you learned from the videos) why there is a racial wealth gap in this country. 

Use specific examples from the videos.  The previous page covered Latinos and African Americans but you can also throw the Japanese Americans in there since you learned about them during WWII.

Why it Matters?

Through these documentary videos, I have collected the idea which mainly narrates on the basis of how the Americans created segregation for all the black, the African Americans, the Japanese Americans, the Jews as well as the Latinos people, who eventually face risk before and after the Second World War. This documentary video is based on America as it emerged on an economic basis which gradually states about the powerhouse from the late 19th century. This is eventually divided based on wealth and giving out the opportunity that grew out to be a more pronounced form. Apart from this, in this documentary, I have learned about the fact stating the nation shall have more than 4,000 richest families who are amassed with nearly a wealth that remains up to 11.6 million families, in combination.

African Americans had to face severity as there were terrible policies developed against them. Apart from this, the video often narrates that there is a lot of talk that states that people are often pulled themselves with their own bootstraps while using an excuse to ignore racism. White people’s bootstraps came under the courtesy of the government which is backed up by the program which specifically excluded the black community from taking any advantage of the whites. Thus, this documentary significantly helps in demonstrating the economic disparity, as a result, to focus on the decades based on the policies to design specifications in order to create a disparity. In the very first documentary, this can the Gild Age is mainly a period of transformation based on the economy, technology, and the government in the social customs of America. This was the transformation that forged a modern, as well as national industrial society that has small regional communities. Thus, the politics during this time lead to experiencing corruption, with an increase in industrial participation.

As in the case of the video documentary on class conflict which mainly focuses on the struggle based on the class and leads to class warfare. Class Conflict even leads to political tension as well as antagonism while existing in the society based on the consequence of the socio-economic competition based on the social class which is between the rich and the poor. Apart from this, Marxists conflicted with the theory, which leads to dividing the lines of the economic class, which is between the proletarian working class to those of the bourgeois ruling class.

From these documentary videos I have developed my intellect that due to the invention of modern society, many blacks, as well as the proletarian working-class people had to face severity, due to low income.  Focusing on the Homestead Massacre, which is one of the violent labor disputes that eventually took place between the Carnegie Steel Company and its workers, occurred by the year 1892, at Homestead, in Pennsylvania. Thus, due to this striking workers, were all fired by 2nd July and by 6th of July new private security guards were been hired, and arrived in the company. Thus, the brutal aftermath was seen focusing that the guards and the workers exchanging gunfire, based on the three guards as well as the seven workers who were killed during the battle.

In this context, Progressive Era should be mentioned, based on the widespread social activism and political reform across the United States of America, that started from the year 1890s to the First World War. Thus, here, the documentary mainly focuses on creating social reformers who belonged to the middle class and were mainly targeted by political machines as well as by their bosses.

The racial Wealth Gap technically refers to the differences based on the asset which is owned by the different racial or ethnic groups. This was essentially composed based on private wealth management which was the industry that shall only be maintained by the White community this has solely acted as a barrier in order to prevent black people to have equal financial development. Thus, this is very true that this implication was mainly put on African Americans. The Racial Wealth Gap is eventually targeted based on inequality based on an unequal, as well as disaggregated measures of wealth on the racial ground. Thus, this disparity states that White households in the United States, on an average note, have 10 times more wealth than that of the Black Households and as compared with this, 8 times more wealth than those of the Latinx Households.

As compared with this, World War II nearly affected the aspect of the United States, based on America’s racial relationships which were not immune. The African Americans, the Jews, and the Japanese Americans were profoundly impacted. This has been clearly signified by the year 1941, before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which was actually based on the largest black trade union based on the nation leading to the headline, as threatened by President Roosevelt. Apart from this, this even lead to the formation of a ‘crisis of democracy”, which refused to hire the African Americans and their armed forces which remained to be a part of segregation. These videos mainly focused on talking about how millions of African Americans had been forced to take part in the war. Hence, just because of racial discrimination, most of the blacks have been serving the non-combat under the White Officers. Apart from the case of the Japanese Internment, which I read a few weeks back, was mainly the establishment of camps that took place during World War II by President Roosevelt, through the Execution Order 9066.

Many Americans were worried due to the Japanese ancestry that acted as spies as well as saboteurs based on the Japanese government. Thus, due to a lack of concrete evidence based on the Japanese Americans who are suspected to be loyal to the ancestral land. On the other hand, in the case of Anti-Japanese Paranoia that increased among the Japanese on the West Coast. Thus, in this note, the Japanese Americans were feared with a security risk. Thus, this was learned from the previous context based on the Japanese American context and their risk during the Second World War.


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