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HIS 140-Horror in the 1970s

Jul 26, 2023

    Horror in the 1970s

    We’ve talked about some pretty hard stuff here.  Are the 1970s an anomaly in American history? Is the stuff we’ve seen here in America losing its way? Or just America being true to its actual identity? 

    Use specific examples from all that we’ve covered in this class including this decade in your answer.  


    Horror in the 1970s

    Are the 1970s an anomaly in American history? Is the stuff we’ve seen here in America losing its way? Or is just America being true to its actual identity?

    As per American History, the 1970s is remembered to be an era based on women’s rights, gay rights as well as development in the Environmental Movement. Thus, this competed with the Watergate scandal, the energy crisis, and the ongoing Vietnam War that took the World’s attention. The years the 1970s are recognized to be a massive download, which leads to a massive outline to summarise the dark events. In the case of declaring about preserving the Earth, Earth Day was introduced in the year the 1970s, along with Nixon signing the Clean Water and Clean Air Act. Apart from this, the Stonewall Riots ignited the Gay Rights Movement, in Los Angeles by 1970. Thus, in this anomaly, another horrific picture shall be added based on the lives of the students, who were killed deliberately during their protest, by the National Guards. There, they have to face severe difficulties, as this phase is known as “Wimpification”, (West, 2021).  

    Thus, by legalizing many things, America was losing several staff. Thus, they were involved in a whole slew that decriminalized homosexuality during the 1970s. thus, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972, but it failed due to ratification by all the states by the year 1982. Thus, the War on Drugs began in the year the 1970s, which emphasized the idea, stating that drugs are bad, involved all based on criminal activity, and should get treatment like that. Thus, by the year 1970, there was a mandatory sentence for a minimum drug arrest. This followed strict stiff sentences if they are caught using illegal drug substances. Thus, in order to overcome the drug-addicted situation, in the year 1970, or to overcome the horror of the time, the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, took the initiative to spread awareness so that people stop the consumption of drugs (West, 2021).  

    In my opinion, I would like to mention that America tried to be true to its actual identity. In this context., even after the big World War, which gave rise to the Cold War, which is actually the tension developed between America and the Soviet Union, to develop another war. Apparently, this can be said that another biggest movement was born which was actually the Civil Right Movement which initiate the development of the political system, so that they can stand for equal rights to all people, on their grounds of race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Thus, Equal Rights were developed even for women, as they got the right to speak and protest. Thus in the 1970s, “Wimpification”, in America played one of the worse roles, as in the 1970s, the Ohio State National Guard did open to the crows of student protestors, where four were killed (West, 2021). Thus, riots of Civil Rights marched the end of the protestors who were all beaten, as they were sprayed with a hose and even attacked by dogs. Thus, a worse side could be seen, as the unarmed college students added an impression to control the country. These were all the horror, that took place in the year 1970s.  


    West, B. (2021). At the Edge of Existence: Liminality in Horror Cinema Since the 1970s. McFarland.

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