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HIS 140-Globalization

Jul 25, 2023


Watch the following Crash Course video. There are going to be a few references here that may not sound familiar because this is from the Crash Course World History series instead of the American History series.  But Globalization is really a world event.  

Really brief background on Globalization if this is the first time you’ve heard of it.  Globalization is basically the interaction of businesses and individuals on a global level.  So a business that used to have a factory in America making shoes, now finds it can make shoes in Indonesia for much cheaper. It means the loss of American jobs, but the addition of jobs in Indonesia as well as the benefit of cheaper shoes for Americans. World trade and interconnection is not a new concept but the advent of the internet and the modernization of transportation and technology has massively accelerated the pace.  There are good and bad that come out of the system.  John Green will tell you more.  But as you watch, think about how Globalization affects the definition of freedom for people living in America. Discuss this below.  (Hint: pay attention to the pros and cons that he talks about because that should help you figure out what freedom means in a globalized economy).


Through this Crash Course Video, I have learned so many things based on the ideas of globalization. Thus, previously, I learned that globalization is an interaction that is mainly done in order to develop a business on a global level. Thus, the case of a sound business that is often used by the families of America can also generate factories that make shoes. Thus, compared to the manufacturing cost of another place which is cheaper, then America shall rush to another nation for manufacturing their products.  

However, world trade and interconnection are not a new thing, or a new concept, based on the advent of the internet and modernization of transportation and technology, which has accelerated the pace of life, which is increasing deliberately. Thus, in this video, John Green has tried to mention the good and bad impact of globalization on society, with its outcome based on the system which is been often followed. Thus, globalization has facilitated an instantaneous transfer of goods and ideas because they have been encountering cultural diversity than before.

John Green mentions globalization as a net positivity towards humanity. While in the case of the global economy, which is accelerated that has created wealth, which is lifted up with a lot of wealth, of the people who are facing poverty. Thus, here, in this video, he eventually speaks up about the wealth disparity, along with the rate, that roused the divorce ratio, as well as the new form of entertainment field which is certainly damaged by the new paths that are due to the spread of certain diseases. In this video, he mentioned about West, where globalization has raised economic service. Here, he mentions the U.S. and Europe, where most of the people work, not for agricultural or manufacturing purposes, but these days, they serve in different service sectors. Health care, retail, education, entertainment, and all the other field is stimulated with a psychology based on the people living in the upper class within the industrialized world. Thus, here, he even mentions that growth does not only mean becoming rich but to make suitable use of the planet’s resources. I would really like to appreciate it when he mentioned the planet’s capability to sustain seven billion flyers or automobiles, but people in the developed industrial world often feel superior so they feel that they are entitled to do whatever they can do.

In this context, he even mentioned inequalities in human history which is one of the oldest controversies ever. Therefore, critics of globalization have targeted the billions of people who have hot got any benefit from the economic prosperity or wealth that grew across the nation. Disparities and inequality can be recognized as one of the biggest concerns, as he mentioned Christianity being followed by the followers of Jesus and Islam was been followed by the followers of Mohammad. Therefore, we could find disparity in every field. Thus, globalization is a vast concept that eventually helps to re-gain how business can be established with the criteria based on the industrialized people.

Reference (2012). Globalization II – Good or Bad?: Crash Course World History #42. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 3rd December 2021]


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