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HIS-140-Discussion: Conservative vs Liberal

Jul 25, 2023

Conservative vs Liberal

In the 1970s we see the rise of Conservatism, in part, as a reaction to the Liberalism of the 1960s.  But what do those terms actually mean?! As we live in a time in some ways defined by the bitter divide between Liberals and Conservatives, I thought we should explore what those terms actually mean. 

So here is the discussion:

Figure out what Liberals and Conservatives generally believe and point out some of the positive points for each ideology and explain why they are positive.  If you don’t have strong political views, this should be easy.  If you do, please actually put some thought into this, and don’t take the easy way out by making sarcastic comments about the other side.  Part of the factionalism we face in this country today is because people don’t actually engage with the ideas but just dismiss anything that doesn’t line up with their ideology.  Be brave here and challenge yourself!

Discussion: Conservative vs Liberal

Liberalism is one of the most significant aspects of the people in the United States. Thus, liberalism and conservatism were like a trend in the United States since the outbreak of the Second World War. Liberal growth was based on a uniform topic across time. Thus, liberalism was a trend that dealt with equal rights as well as individualism. Thus, apart from the conservatism movement, liberalism also helped in dealing with the trend based on economic regulation, and the government power based on the mixed changes. Compared with this, movements were mainly based on the conservative direction mainly on the topic of crime. Thus, the case of liberal growth which is recognized to be the strongest one begins from the year 1960s to the 1970s. hence, by the mid-of 1970s, the liberal trends grew steeping ahead of being advanced and even revealing the direction (Raymer 2014). Thus, liberal growth grew, while conservativism did not move its position. Thus, this represents social changes based on the response of the various events, with periodic alteration based on the reformative cycle.

Thus, the conservative society of the United States believed in personal responsibilities, limited government, free market, individual liberty, and traditional American values, with strong national defense. Hereby, Conservatism mainly focuses on developing the role of the government that should provide the people with freedom based on the necessity to pursue certain goals. Thus, conservative policies based on emphasize empowerment based on an individual in order to solve problems.

Compared with liberal thinking, ensures that people are free and have the liberty to openly state things and celebrate things, which is denounced with censorship. Thus, liberalism mainly focused on respecting everyone without any disparity and creates liberty for the people to participate in public debate. Therefore, the liberalism movement eventually helped to develop a fundamental responsibility in order to help the less fortunate. Thus, this movement even signified that the government is responsible for respecting as well as shall safeguard the liberty, equality, and dignity of all individuals. Therefore, the liberal movement helped to alleviate the social ills, while protecting civil liberties, the individual, and considering human rights (Raymer 2014). Thus, liberal policies are emphasized based on the needs based on the government in order to resolve the problems. Thus, both conservative and liberal society has their own impact on society. Hence, with the conservative society, the United States has been depleted with the traditional ideologies, in the Liberalism Movement, which looks forward towards the government in order to integrate Human Rights and safety towards all the individual.


Raymer Olson. G (2014). The 1970s and the 1980s: The Decline of Liberalism and the Triumph of Conservatism. History III. Retrieved from [Retrieved on 2nd December, 2021]


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