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HIS 1101-Status of African Americans during the American Revolution

Jul 25, 2023

    Your research topic (select a narrow topic in US History from Colonial Times to the Civil War). Briefly explain the need or significance of the topic, Primary and secondary sources you plan to use, making sure that the sources are critical and adequate for your project. Please submit your research paper HERE. This should be a Word doc paper or detailed PowerPoint presentation with in-text citations and 3-5 more selected source lists. The word limit is 1000 words (including text that you write like historical analysis, charts, etc.). Please note that the following will not count toward the word limit: research paper title, primary or secondary materials (or quotes), in-text citations, or annotated bibliography list. Word Doc with 1000 words & the history research paper in this HIS 1101 class intends to help students build a range of skills of historical understanding, critical thinking, and analytical writing. To construct a good research paper, students must understand the topic, conduct research, examine the evidence, and construct a well-organized writing of a minimum of 1000 words (not counting direct quotations).

    Here are the steps: Preparation and Research:

     Study and understand the topic.

     Craft a writing plan.

     Start researching by gathering historical information and evidence.

     Develop a thesis or argument for your essay.

    Writing the Paper:

     Start writing with a clear and compelling introduction. It needs to state the thesis, provide context, and briefly articulate your contention.

     Construct the main body of the essay with separate and fully formed paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on one issue or topic. A good paragraph should include a topic sentence, analysis, supporting evidence, and a couple of quotations with in-text citations.

     Finish the paper with an effective conclusion.


    Topic: Status of African Americans during the American Revolution


    The history of the USA has been classified through the incidents of the American Revolution and the Civil War. Through the use of these historical facts that are the subject of American history. The USA’s history has its own classification and dynamics. Slavery is considered the matter of controversial issue in the context of the history of the USA. The slavery of African Americans has to be considered as a matter of focus.  The USA has its reunion of the various states through which the unification of the nation can be modulated. There are many considerations in the history of the USA, and these are considered a matter of focus. The American Revolution is the strategic action through which the citizens of the USA enforced their rights and duties, which have been outcasted by the British Empire during the period of 1765 and 1791. In this situation, the status of African Americans is being considered as the subject. It is because it provided the starting of the civil war, which is the main event after the American Revolution. 

    Significance of the subject

    It is essential to consider that the status of the African American is in a marginal condition through which slavery is being contrasted. The slavery of African Americans is based on the Translate-Atlantic trade and which is conducted between Africa and America (Bradley, Patricia, p.5). The modern time of the USA has a dimensional significance based on the circulation of equal rights to African American individuals. In the course of the American Revolution, African Americans have also been considered as part of participation with full eligibility and proclamatory. 

    Status of African Americans

    During the course of the American Revolution, the contradiction among the patriots who had professed ideas based on liberty and scrutiny of slavery. In the year 1764, one of the patriots from Boston named James Otis Jr. declared that all men are equal. Discrimination based on color has been a matter of issue. This has been contrasted with the law, “all men, “white or black”, were “by the law of nature” born free” (Waldstreicher, David, p.702). These are the inspirational thoughts that have provided the declaration of rights for the welfare of the human beings of the USA. From this ethos, the concept of anti-slavery has been formulated. The anti-slavery is the conceptualization through which equality among the USA citizens is beings considered. It was common during the time of 1770 to 1773. Benjamin Rush is the formulator who declared slavery as an illegitimate practice. He has provided the explanations that slavery is a matter of consideration and is required to be reduced or diminished with full progressiveness. The formulator has also provided the idea that slavery has to be reduced with the circulation of proper priorities and prestige among every citizen of the USA. It has also been considered that during the time of the American Revolution, the unification of all the American citizens like African Americans and Americans to involve in the movement to reduce the British colonial power. Slavery is a matter of consideration that has been practiced with full pace and intention. Through ideas of many intellectuals during the time of the American Revolution declared that slavery has to be reduced or minimized for the welfare of the nation. At this time, there is a contradiction between the calls for liberty and the reduction of slavery. Many of the patriots of the USA have been considered as part of the hypocrisy. It is quite interesting that many African Americans have been provided with proper military status the proper prestige. In the period of 1760 to 1770, the proportions of colonies of the USA have taken some charges for the reduction of slavery. Many intellectuals have considered that the transatlantic slave trade has been minimized (Williamson et al. p.7). In the year 1774, as part of the non-importation dynamics which is objected to England. It is also quite fascinating that Continental Congress made a ban on the importation of slaves. In the year 1775, the Quakers founded the first society based on anti-slavery in the Western hemisphere. During the period of two decades, the American Revolution has been involved state legislation and individuals who have taken action to provide freedom to the slaves. Northern states passed the new declarations, which abolished slavery as a matter of consideration. Through the course of the 18th century, the ideas based on the reduction of slavery have been considered concentrated matter. It is quite absurd that the Southern states of the USA have practiced slavery as a form of legitimate practice. It has been understood that many of the intellectuals of the USA had considered the Declaration of Equality and the reduction of slavery. The starting of the American Civil War is based on the opposing views of the Northern states of the USA and the Southern states of the USA. Through these opposing views, the anti-slavery notion has been circulated among the citizens of the USA (Dal Lago, Enrico, p.7). The thousands of free African Americans in the northern states have been involved in the Continental and militia army. The Southern states of the USA have provided the freedom of slaves and they are considered as the ingredients of the military service. It has been considered that 20,000 slaves fought in the American Revolution. 


    The history of the USA is based on fragmented methodology. It is because there are many fluctuations in the formulation of social and cultural reforms. The modern USA is based on the circulation of freedom to all the human beings of the nations. Through this, famous African American leaders like Martin Luther King. Jr and Barack Obama have been illustrated as global leaders. Every man is born free, and all men are equal in nature. Slavery is a crime that is needed to be reduced with proper ethics, considerations, and virtues. It can help the human beings of the USA to be more stable and unified in their actions and circulations. It has helped the doctrine of the USA to serve as the ideal for the purpose of enhancement of human rights. 

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