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SPED-9200-Week 5-Online Discussion

Jul 21, 2023


Week 5-Online Discussion 

Review Standard III, indicators A, B, and C from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Teacher Rubric and discuss ways in which you could achieve a proficiency rating, along with examples of evidence, in all three indicators. 


After reviewing the indicator from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Teacher Rubric. Thus, I have acquired the knowledge to get proficiency ratings based on the examples with the following indicators.

Indicator A is based on Engagement which actively addresses the roles of the families in order to play within the learning about the atmosphere. Thus, being a good teacher, eventually allows the families to be more active members in order to learn about the process to be a cooperative student. Thus, engaging the students with proper education and training must help in ensuring the students, as well as their families, develop the ability to learn and access their curriculum, as well as by inviting the parents to learn about the activities oriented with the students. Therefore, parents are required to learn about the syllabus of their children so that they can understand what their children at doing during the course. Thus, assigning homework to the students can help the students learn about their course while creating collaboration among the family members. Thus, this will help them to take down questions, and shall take down the notes which are been provided by the teachers in the class (Friend & Cook 2013).    

Indicator B is opinionated with Collaboration. This indicator mainly deals with collaboration with the teacher while they are at work with the students Thus, the collaboration also deals with developing a relationship with the families as well as with the parents in order to create a good relationship, in order to get a better outcome which ensures the students learning. Thus, a teacher requires to get proficient while ensuring that there are families in order to understand the exaptation to learn about their behavior and about the course. Thus, in order to develop myself as a teacher, my expectations are not that high, but I would like to develop a collaboration with all my pupils, as well as their families and parents so that I can understand their background and find a way in order to get them to develop a pathway towards success. Thus, proficiency, based on creating a proper collaboration with the students being a teacher is one of the challenging aspects for a teacher. Thus, in the case of the curriculum which is mainly defined where the teachers are bound to update their curriculum and their course to the parents or even can the families in order to get a productive learning aid either from school or from the classroom, so that they can also maintain a proper collaboration with their peers, along with a behavioral change can take place in order to improve the relationship with the family members. Thus, the course curriculum can be related to the area, which is recorded to be a growth area, which can develop a student, while bringing success to the parents to follow the rules and regulations of the classroom. Hus, these days, after the outbreak of Covid-19, students are allowed to ensure that they are learning the perfect etiquette from the online classroom while following the rules developed in the due cause of course curriculum.  

Indicator C is Communication, which is based on steadiness while developing the communication skills between the families and the teachers. I wanted to develop my communication skills in order to be a good teacher so that I can maintain proper communication with not only my students but also their family members. Thus, in order to develop my proficiency in communication, I have to be more intelligent in order to maintain proper communication skills with all as well as the family member, in order to get better students with better learning and understanding. Thus, maintaining proper communication with the students in their learning process will help them to get motivation, and develop the will; a power so that they can make a drastic change in their learning capabilities and improvement in their performances. Thus, I find no disparity among the students. I would accept all forms of students while they are involved in the course, as they shall not feel differentiated because, of their native language, their culture, or they are immigrants. Thus, I would even like to mention that educators have to be mindful so that, they can communicate so well that this can emphasize the demand of the course and develop as the strength of the family (Department of Elementary and Second Education 2018).

Thus, apparently being a teacher I would like to take up an initiative in order to develop my aspect with all my students by this side, I will be having a developed relationship with the parents and the members of the family too. This is because this shall help me to identify how the students are collaborative while they are with their family or with their parents. Moreover, the parents are required to learn and understand the various teachings and training methods taking place while their student is conducting online studies. Thus, in order to develop a proper relationship with the parents, I shall update them with emails so that the parents can also identify the text, the novels as well as the curriculum followed in the course.


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Friend, M. & Cook, L. (2013). Interactions: Collaboration skills for school professionals (8th Ed.) Columbus, OH: Pearson.

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