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EDU 3341- Week 2 Discussion: Evidence-Based Teaching

Sep 7, 2023

Video Link-

After watching the video, what are your thoughts about the specific study skills, and why are they important to learning?

Week 2 Discussion: Evidence-Based Teaching

In order to support Evidence-based teaching, it is necessary that research in an in-depth manner is conducted. Methodologies like subjective case studies or untested theories are not viable in Evidence-based teaching. It is evident that such strategies based on evidence-based teaching have more impact than typical strategies. The practices associated with evidence-based teachings can be applied by teachers in various subject areas as well as courses.

The video titled “Study Skills & Evidence-Based Learning Strategies” Teaching in education” implies that such strategies aid the students in properly understanding the process associated with learning. These strategies aid the students in handling their weaknesses and being able to perform at the level of their potential. These strategies encourage students to think in a flexible manner. These strategies also aid students in understanding the value of transferring methodologies to different kinds of tasks. In the purview of evidence-based strategies, multiple questions are asked to students, and the answers provided are observed. The questions in such an exercise help students to relate the newly acquired material with what has been learned previously. Such strategies also provide models like step-by-step demonstrations or thinking aloud to solve problems (Teachings in Education, 2019, 0:53). The students in such strategies are guided through good questions and appropriate feedback.

The video clearly showcases that specific study skills have a huge impact on the aspect of student achievement. This is important because teachers are devoting a lot of time to going through research that has been formulated over many years. These skills also help the teachers not get stuck in their personal philosophies and authoritative instructions that only seem operational in Science.

These study skills also hold a large amount of importance for learning. There are a lot of benefits associated with the implementation of EBP for both students as well as teachers. These advantages include an increase in the number of positive outcomes for the student, and more accountability due to the presence of data that grants support to practice or program choice, these benefits, in turn, help in gaining support from administrators and parents. The usage of different teaching methods which are based on a variety of theories associated with different styles of teaching will produce a result in which instructors reach their full potential and also have students who are more engaged and motivated. This is apt for both face-to-face as well as online teaching.


Teachings in Education. (2019, July 14). Study Skills & Evidence-Based Learning Strategies [Video]. YouTube.

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