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EDU 3341- Module 1 assignment

Aug 31, 2023

M1: Activity 1


‘Students with severe learning and behavior problems may receive a range of support services, including reading or math support, counseling, individualized instruction with a teaching assistant, and special education. Find out the educational supports and services available for these students at a school in your district. What is the role of paraprofessionals who work with these students?

Explain in 1-2 pages using APA format

For both experienced and non-experienced, compare your answers to the text’s suggestions. Is your experience similar to the text? Are they different? Explain using APA format (consisting of a title page, in-text citations and evidence from the text, and a reference page). You can find more guidance on using APA format in the APA Folder. All assignments that are not in APA format will be subjected to point deductions.

Module 1 assignment


Learning is a process that can be done by anyone and it does not show any discrimination against anyone. According to the data, more than 33% of students with severe learning disabilities face many behavioral problems that often create various obstacles in their learning process. They find themselves more criticized by other students, and even become more isolated from social activities (Bos, & Vaughn, 2019, p.04). Various academic teachers and Para teachers started to invest more self-involvement and several ideas to communicate the problems and solve them with unique ideas which helped them to be more open as well as to be equal (Tohara, 2021, p.3349). Disabled students need more care to explore the learning process and develop themselves. Various programs are particularly designed to identify these students and help them discover their behavioral behavioral improvements.

Identifying the students with behavioural changes

Each student can discover the topic and have a way to explore their preferred learning method. The major characteristics that have been highlighted in those students are low involvement in academic performances, poor attention in the academic field, “hyperactivity”, less attentive and lack of memory, behavioralbehavioral changes like aggression, withdrawal, and bizarre behavioural dynamics in the students (Bos, & Vaughn, 2019, p.03). These students act differently according to the other person’s behavior or their parents’ influence in their lives. Furthermore, their behavioral flexes often change and at any time their reactions may harm others. Even their behavioral dynamics also make them unsocialized and significantly impact their physical activities.

The role of paraprofessionals is to improve these students’ abilities

The major role of paraprofessionals is to identify the students with these major problems. According to the learning management system, the paraprofessional should develop some encouraging programs to secure the students’ activities and enhance the development process of a positive nature (Bos, & Vaughn, 2019, p.04). Furthermore, they should also implement the strategical procedure to develop the planning instructions, “providing and modifying instructions” and also evaluate the plan with behavior analyse. The plans also determine the instructions for the learning process.

Various strategies like sign language, visual presentations, and learning the characteristics of the learner and the teachers, even the paraprofessionals should conduct a developing program for parents, conduct a meeting procedure to point out several behavioral issues of the students and suggest some ideas to improve their behaviors (Tohara, 2021, p.3347). Similarly, parents should also invest in improving their children’behaviorsrs to increase their productivity rate and academic involvement in the professional field.

The available educational support and services

As a teacher at Murrieta Unified School in California, I would like to reflect on my school’s programs and strategies to develop behavioral changes to enhance the abilities of the students, particularly in solving their issues. Furthermore, in my district, there are several learning processes available that highlight teacher involvement, learning developments, and evaluating the learning segments to increase their interest in the studies and academic curriculums.

According to my research, I have particularly noticed that a major portion of the students face difficulties in solving various numerical problems in math as this characteristic highlights the problems with paying attention and problem-solving skills. In our district, the education management implements a particular program “specializedMy academic instruction” which helps teachers monitor each student’s activities and participation.  Furthermore, my school also implements various education programs to improve the status of the students and increase their engagement in their academic profile. Even my school is also planning further development in the academic background and implanting various technical supports to enhance the education system.


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Tohara, A. J. T. (2021). Exploring Digital Literacy Strategies for Students with Special Educational Needs in the Digital Age. Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT)12(9), 3345-3358.



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