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EDU 3341- Discussion 2: Applied Behaviour Analysis

Aug 31, 2023

Discussion 2

How can teachers use applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help students unlearn undesirable

behaviors and learn new and appropriate behaviors?

Discussion 2: Applied Behaviour Analysis   

Applied Behaviour Analysis modifies social behaviour and social skills, and improves communication skills and learning skills. Understanding the behavior of humans, especially students, is a long process of research. It can’t be studied in a few years. Behavior can be affected by the environment of the society and the culture of the family.

It’s important to erase the wrong ideas for the full implementation of applied behavior analysis. Applied behavior analysis is used in hundreds of approaches and has proven effective. For especially able students applied behavior analysis is more beneficial for their speech and language improvement. Applied behavior analysis can be customized especially for behavior-related disorders or diseases. Applied behavior analysis also improves the managing ability and interpersonal skills of any person. No one faces regrading by using Applied behavior analysis. Generally, students are aggressive, impatience, and inattentive. Applied behavior analysis helps students to focus on their studies, listen attentively in classes, and keep calm. It can be implied by the teachers in classes between lesions by motivating them, improving the environment, and reinforcement. To apply Applied behavior analysis consistency is most important. Changing the behavior of students is a continuous process. Teachers who face real problems with the behavior of students can explain it to others and advise other teachers on how they can apply Applied behavior analysis to their students. Some important teaching strategies of applied behavior analysis are discrete trial teaching, Naturalistic teaching, Pivotal response treatment, Token economy, Contingent observation


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