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EDG 3443- Discussion 11.1 – Portrait of a Good Teacher

Sep 8, 2023

Discussion 11.1 – Portrait of a Good Teacher (Chapter 11)


What are the characteristics of a good teacher?  What are the characteristics of a weak teacher?

Is a good teacher the opposite of a weak teacher, or is there more going on than that? Are there different kinds of good teachers? If so, how would you classify them?

Discussion 11.1 – Portrait of a Good Teacher

Teaching is one of the polished forms of analysis that is required to be developed in order to learn about how to develop a good teaching school. A teacher indeed can be a good guide, a philosopher, and a friend so that the students can develop their skills, and took forward to enhance their future. Thus, the characteristics to be a good teacher are as follows:

  • To be patient and develop the capability to approach.
  • To be more enthusiastic
  • Help the students to develop strong communication skills the students
  • Helped them to develop their skills with strong knowledge and good education.
  • Help them to develop their academics by involving the students even with the extra curriculum.

The characteristics of a weak teacher are as follows:

  • Wasting the time of the students with wrong gossip
  • Poor mastery of the subjects
  • Partial treatment is given to students who are often discriminated
  • No respect was given to some of the students
  • Creating low-level confidence in some of the students
  • Inappropriate sense of dressings

Yet, in order to conclude the fact was to recognize a perfect teacher as compared to a weak teacher. My personal opinion, on the note that being a good teacher creates the capability of the students to develop their future rather than being surrounded by a weak teacher. Teachers play a significant role because we get to learn from schools, educational institutions, and families. Compared to the bad teachers who often establish an adverse impact while creating discrimination within a school. An adverse impact from society, we can see that teaching without improper academic knowledge can cause the students to learn nothing.

Thus, leading this might cause the students to face difficulties at school, or drop out of the class and join different gangs in the state. Therefore, teachers are required to develop the students well, so that they can learn good things from the teachers, and reach their goals for the future. On the other hand, facing bully or discrimination by teachers at schools is not at all, acceptable because this causes anxiety and depression among students.

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