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EDF 1005- Discussion 1.1 – Memories of Memorable Teachers

Aug 26, 2023

Explore your career choice in teaching. Recall your most memorable (excellent) teacher and explain why she or he made such an impact on you.

Identify the characteristics that made him or her memorable.  Do you think it is important to develop or strengthen these characteristics in your teaching style?  

Now, think of some teachers that you feel were not helpful to you as a student. What are some characteristics that you would avoid?

Discussion 1.1 – Memories of Memorable Teachers

This is where I shall recall my memories of my school, and most importantly about my teacher. Thus, I would name Ms. Gloria Joseph, She was my inspiration because I tried to put some effort into being a teacher, and like her, I wanted to be admired by my students as well. She was like a friend to us. In our high school, we often used to feel scared to complete or put the effort in our academics. Moreover, she was really good and even used to put forward some effigies to help us to learn the social answers. She made sure that all the students in the classroom understood the matter in which she was putting in an effort. When she was in class all of us were involved in her teachings. I liked the way she used to communicate and her teachings to learn about the personal issue to deal with the issue.  

Her colloquialism plays a vital role which is a part of remembering her. She used to teach us sociology, and the way she described with expertise and analysis I used to be very thoughtful. The terms used by her were really good, and it was helpful for all the students in the class. Apart from this, I did not find her to do any discrimination within the class, because our class from K-12 consists of various religious and racial people, but she never discriminated against any of them. All the blacks used to get equal education and they even enjoyed her class. I appreciate that this acted as a motivation for me as I understood, how she mentioned equal rights to be given to all the individuals in the class.       

There were many, who can be considered to be placed on the worst list. Like Mrs. Philips, who used to scold the blacks even us so harshly. She often used to demotivate us. Moreover, these ways of explaining the prime factors were also not that significant and we did not find any internet in her class. I still remember in my fourth standard I fell from the stairs and hurt my knees badly. Hence, she just passed by my side and did not even look at me or try to help me out when I was in trouble. Hence the black children who were often discriminated against and other teachers came up to rescue me. Simultaneously, I have no right to compare both the teachers from the same school, but I think about their probability, because of how they ensure playing two different roles altogether while helping us to grow and understand their differences. Thus, this is the reason behind, I wanted to be a teacher by profession so that I can also be judged by some of my students either on bad or good terms.

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