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EDF 1005- Assignment A4 – Article Review and Reflection

Sep 11, 2023

Article Review and Reflection (FEAPs 2, 3, 8)

Professionals read and keep current in their fields by reading journal articles and relating them to their practice.


You will select, read, and review a journal article that relates to a major topic covered in the course competencies for EDF 1005. This includes history, finance, ethics, and governance. You must:

Select a journal article written within the past five years that discusses a major topic covered in EDF 1005.  The article must be a minimum of three pages in length.

Write a summary of the article. Then write your opinion of the article’s viewpoint. 


You can go to any campus library to find an article do not choose an article from a newspaper or news magazine.  Instead, select from educational resources for more in-depth coverage of topics. 

Assignment A4 – Article Review and Reflection


In an observation this week, the selected article of this course with the competencies related to EDF-1005 surveys. The summary of the selected article has helped me to discover the knowledge about the teachers giving out education to the learners in Texas after the First World War. Initially, I recognized that this article plays a vital role to ensure on the primary facts that reveal in detail the variations of the teacher’s education that remain largely unexplored within the areas, as it has been counted within the history to learn in detail about the significance of K-12 education before being given to all the students so that they can learn the significance of basic education with academic improvements.

Background of the context

The context of this article is written on note based on the status relevant to the teaching profession which continues to decline at a rapid rate. Therefore, in the case of the United States, Labor Department statistics as narrated from December 2018. This article helps to reveal the document where the educators are leaving the profession to reach the highest rate on a twenty-year packed role. Thus, giving education in a primary state to all students helps the students to develop their ideologies and prioritize higher education. This article helps us to identify the significance of teachers in the lives of students and learners. As stated by Null (2020), it is the primary duty of teachers to spread more education among the students, without any discrimination or bias in class. Education is one of the essential things which is learned from the educator.

Moreover, discovering the details of education from 2005 to 2015, this article makes us assume the fact that attaining a Bachelor’s degree in education has reduced up to 15%. Thus, the teachers are required to get proper training so that equal education can be given to all the students and the student should ensure that after high school they get an opportunity to complete their Bachelor’s Degree. Therefore, guidance based on the assumption related to this paper shows the status of the teaching profession before in the K-12 schools, as they were directly tied to the status of the teachers, the teaching style, and how the teachers give education in Universities and in colleges, which was either too tough or the teacher did not guide the students well (Goetz 2020).

This article often helps to summarize the primary fact which states that this nation is certainly leading to prioritizing education in Universities, leading to developing a public perception of a good profession. According to Null (2020), the purpose of this study is to measure how many students are capable of pursuing an assumption to learn about the same to seek a better understanding of the history of the teachers and their education within the state of Texas. Therefore, this study mainly focuses on the primary reason to determine the immediate learning after the post-World War II, period because of the intense change that took place during this particular time and gave rise to the momentous decisions as part leading the institution for the teachers to get an education.

Teachers giving education in Texas in the late 1940s

The case, of K-12 education which was given in Texas during the span of the late 1940s, has left a desire among all the students to get a good future ahead. Thus, it was assumed that only 40% of the students in Texas got the opportunity to get their Bachelor’s Degree. Therefore, to help the students a law came up that involved the attendance law where the students were required to have mandatory attendance, but it was rarely enforced. This article helps us to understand how people used to be a labor of the lower class but did want to study. Therefore, funds were raised frequently but no education took place as such. This was because of the inequalities which was a part of this arena, as it consisted of financial inequalities on the grounds of racial differences. The payments at that time which were given to the teachers were extremely low, which led them, to have difficulties with the retention value and the recruitment process (Null, 2020).

The Prestige Trap and Teacher Education

In this context, the leaders were involved within the institution, which was committed to an ideal based on a single purpose related to the teachers in college, as they were trapped in a prestige-driven Catch-22. Apart from this, it was advocated that dropping the teachers in case of changes have resulted in the development of the status seemed to be extremely persuasive, as it came out of a cost (Boyles, 2018). Therefore, the development of the teachers to get involved helped the students to get attracted to the school.

A shift in the Institutional purpose at North Texas for Teachers College

This article helps us to articulate the note that states the primary reason the North Texas State Teachers College, which is named the University of North Texas now, is a result of the changes that began earlier. Moreover, as stated by, Null (2020), the conversation purposed about the facts under the early stages which was prepared during the Second World War that helped to reaccredit the American Association of Teachers College based on the process of an institution. This article is really important, as it helped, to develop the students into effective citizens, as the students could learn well. Thus, slowly the University and the educational system of Texas were making a change. While this involved the children getting involved with the teachers.

A Philosophical Sea Change in Teacher Ed Curriculum

Therefore, throughout the EDF1005 competencies and surveys, this can be assumed that teachers were prepared and they were apt to be teaching the students so well, that the students got attracted in class. This context mainly helped us to learn how teacher and teaching style was also developing. Apart from this, the teachers were well prepared as it included different course works under three categories 1) What to teach? 2) How to teach? 3) Why teach? Alternatively, preparing the teachers was transitional from the teachers-in-college approach during the late 1940s and 1950s. As a result, during the college era, the teachers, the board of members of the Presidents of the University, the Deans, and the academic Leaders on campus, so that students are recruited based on the faculty they acquire. Therefore, in the case of the historical single-mission purpose relevant to the institution (McCoy & Villeneuve, 2020). Thus, the history and biology faculty retained related to the commitment as a result they are prepared by the history and biology teachers. Later this integration helped the students to develop their skills while making them involved in several activities driven by the students to reach their future goals and become graduates while spreading knowledge, and having perfect subject knowledge. This involved teachers’ and students’ interaction while giving better training to the teachers and better education to the students related to getting a Bachelor’s Degree from all the departments such as its science and art department.  


Yet, in this reflective context, I tried to grasp the summary and the significance of this article. Therefore, this article has helped me to identify the significant points to learn about every aspect of society and the transition that took place for a long time in education. Moreover, in this reflection, I have learned that this article mainly articulates how education and teachers were a fact of transition. This article mainly helped to get guidance on education. I was astonished to learn that post World War I, was difficult for the people to identify how education was to be conducted rightly. Moreover, based on various implementations like the “Attendance law”, “effective teaching”, and other facilities helped the students to get attracted to the class. Thus, later this was focused on teachers dropping out of school when the students wanted to be at school. Therefore, 15% of students before graduating from University underwent change in the later years and the number of graduates increased. Therefore, I have identified that increasing the number of teaching facilities acted like an awareness of the history and even to the future students so that they can step forward to select a blooming path ahead in their future. Thus, this analytical article has helped to learn how students enjoy the same privilege while teaching K12. Therefore, the alternative teachers teach good, as conveyed by Lord Buddha that weaker education might not help the nation to build well while developing the economy.  


Boyles, D. (2018). American education and corporations: The free market goes to school. Routledge.

Goetz, P. B. (2020). Reading, writing, and revolution: Escuelitas and the emergence of Mexican American identity in Texas. University of Texas Press.

McCoy, M. L., & Villeneuve, M. (2020). Reconceiving schooling: Centering Indigenous experimentation in Indian education history. History of Education Quarterly, 60(4), 487-519.

Null, J. W. (2020). Did Teacher Educators Choose the Wrong Tradition? American Educational History Journal, 47(1/2), 9–28.  

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