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SOC 3110- Writing Assignment 2: Comparison Paper

Aug 31, 2023

Writing Assignment 2: Comparison Paper

Compare and contrast Max Weber and George Herbert Mead’’s theory on society. Relate your experience (any experience for this time, respond to this in question (2)) to each theory and discuss how the two theorists explained the social phenomena that you experienced differently.

Discuss the following points when you compare the two theories:

  1. How does each theory explain society in general?
  2. How does social control operate differently for Weber’s types of social action and Mead’s self-control and interaction process?

Argue which theoretical view explains well about your life and social environment.


This writing assignment helps you understand the differences between the two theoretical traditions and explore your personal experiences about the different views of society.

Writing Assignment 2: Comparison Paper

Society is a constructive figure which presents human principles, nature, and production and development. Furthermore, it also highlights the social norms and the constructive laws to maintain systematic behaviors among each other. These laws also establish the equal rights of democracy, and the constitutional amendments represent the rules of a constructive structure to implement the theories and ideologies to develop the social nature of humans and their development (Malešević, 2022, p.43). Similarly, the class and status of human society are the major concepts as it refers to the “evaluation of progress”. This concept also creates discrimination between each individual.  Similarly, sociologists and philosophers presented their theories to establish the fundamentals and the rules, even they also analysed the behavior analyze of people and concluded with theories that show the variations and changes in the process of progression.

If we are going to analyze the comparison between two renowned sociologists of the contemporary time, we are going to find many variations and arguable points that would surely paint today’s society and its developments along with nature and flaws. Max Weber’s theory clearly emphasizes on the class and the modernization improvements in the society. His theory also highlights the concept of “efficiency” and the hurried cycle of modernization which questions our ethics and values to rethink on our actions. Furthermore, Weber’s theory stresses more on the concept of “status and class” as it particularly focuses on the business division or the work divisions among workers (Malešević, 2022, p.53). Similarly, his theory also impacted on the laws of “reorientation which also linked with economic and political involvement in society. It even provokes the idea of communication development among people to improve social structures.

            In the contrary situation, George Herbert Mead presented his theory to highlight the features of human behavior and the theory differs according to the situational effect of the behavioral changes. His theory also develops the concept othat“people develop self-imagerybehaviorsanalyzed position by their own behaviours and statement delivery” (Wiley, 2021, p.65). If both theories are deeply analysed, the conclusive thoughts would highlight human nature and the basic rooted laws to form a society. Although many critics argue that both theories do not interpret the social behavior of human psychology because the dynamics are quite changeable. Furthermore, Weber’s theory highlights the four basic actions and these actions present the ethical values of the society. Each action particularly suggests the connection between human nature and traditions, emotions, values, and rationality.           

One of the major themes in Mead’s theory is the implementation of linguistic development in social interaction. Similarly, Mead’s theory also shows the three core elements “thoughts, language, and meaning” and it also influences the conscience of “I” and “me”. If these two theories are implemented in today’s society, it would highlight the communicational significance and the interference of the technologies to develop communication. These theories also reflect the linguistic changes and the emotional developments to enhance the communicational involvement that with traditional variations (Wiley, 2021, p.66). On the contrary, Weber’s theory also highlights the involvement of individual’s character in social interaction and the impact of the involvement. These themes or elements also signify the involvement of politics and development economic in society. Furthermore, these theories also highlight the characteristic development of human nature which “explains social changes and stability”. These implementations also illustrate the involvement  of the government and democratic equality to maintain the relationship between the government and the common people.           

The concept of “society” is larger than any theory as it shows the constant changing of people’s values and develops several ideologies for the improvement of its structural conditions.


Malešević, S. (2022). Disenchantment, rationalization, and collective self-sacralisation. Journal of Political Power, 1-11.

Wiley, N. (2021). Reflexivity in George Herbert Mead. In Radical Interactionism and Critiques of Contemporary Culture (Vol. 52, pp. 61-72). Emerald Publishing Limited.

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