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SSCI 3001- Global Issues Perspectives

Aug 27, 2023

Global Issues Perspectives

1. What is the title of your chosen reading? Who is the author?

2. Give a short description of the background of the reading.

3. State the thesis of your reading in one or two sentences.

4. List the main parts of the reading.

5. Define the problem or problems the author is attempting to solve.

6. List and interpret the basic words or important terms/phrases the author uses.

7. State in your own words two of the author’s leading propositions and list the arguments supporting those propositions.

8. Determine which of the problems the author laid out a solution for and which he did not. If the author did not solve all the problems identify whether he is aware of that and also if he created any new problems that were left unsolved.

9. Provide a one to two-paragraph critique of the article. Describe what you disagree with and explain why.

Global Issues Perspectives

The chosen topic name for the article analysis is Global issues perspective and the particular portion of the topic which will highlight the issues of war as well as its impact on our world is “The world that war has made”. It is written by the famous author Margaret Macmillan, who not only identifies social issues on the destructive form of war and conflicts between several countries, even the cold war between neighboring countries but also shows the impact of these conflicts on our society. A war can be destructive in every way, as it directly affects our lifestyle and slowly we become the victims of our destruction. 

Background of the topic

The topic is highly influenced by the journal “The world that war has made ” and it focuses on various types of war since the beginning of the modern era. The author represents the problematic issues that come along with the war in a very simple style. She focused mainly on our daily life scenarios and how we start our days but she also reflects on the history of “pivotal military victories’ and shows the constant effect of different wars and these help us to make our current social structure (McLaine, 2021, p.13). The topic also particularly highlighted the problems and the root cause of the war. Human civilization has experienced several conflicts which mainly focused on the greed for power and establishing power in each other’s countries. Even according to modern history, several countries like China, India, Pakistan, Africa, and many others established their right as individual countries who thought the war was “a war against slavery to freedom”. 

Thesis statement:

The purpose behind each war was to establish the power of major communities over minor communities. Many soldiers and commoners suffered a huge loss during two major world wars even though those wars mostly affected the colonial troops and countries. 

Major facts of this related topic:

The major discussed facts related to the topic are several issues that not only highlight the strategies of war but also their significant impact on our constructive society. Although here I am going to mainly focus on three prime facts of the discussed topic. Firstly, the foreign invasions of several powerful communities like the British, Muslims, Ottomans, and others, and on the other hand the wars of the modern age helped us to reform free nations with constitutional rights (McLaine, 2021, p.15). Secondly, the effects of wars and invasions help us to develop ourselves. It also focuses on creating new innovative approaches for a better society. Thirdly,  it helps us to build our ” constructive society ” as one nation and even “shaped our world” Similarly it involves resources and reinforces them with powerful military services. 

The definitive problem

The mentioned problem of this topic as the author particularly has reflected is the impact of war. As we all know, the outcome of wars also brings out the destructive side of social structure. It is “deeply embedded” in the concept of democratic norms which control forces to attack and defend themselves (Koho et al.2021, p.267). According to historical war data and proven points, powerful governments like Britain and the U.S. used to control the resources, and the right of movement even though their actions also left a great destructive impact on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As the study moves forward, the author also found out people also continued wars in the name of “peace”. One of the great examples that are particularly highlighted by the author is the concept of the “Long peace period since 1945″ which hides the struggles of the Middle East, part of Asia and also Africa, and many eastern countries. 

The important terms and the meanings 

Although there is less use of constructive lyrical dynamics, still few words are worth mentioning. If I start to mention, I would first consider the word “war” because it doesn’t only reflect on the wars of the outside but also suggests the inner wars between good and evil, but the author specifically mentioned the outside wars and conflicts. Another important term that I couldn’t ignore is the term “long peace” as it specifically mentions a long pause of wars and conflicts between countries which is maintained by the UN. 

The leading propositions and the argumentative support

The author particularly supported two prime facts: one is the resources of the necessities and the other one is the characteristics of the chosen leader. The analysis of the first statement shows that the expensive things that we may consider as a luxury may turn out to be necessary during wartime (Koho et al.2021, p.267). Many economic theories suggest that war can be fruitful and also be destructive for economic development even if it creates social polarization. The next statement highlights the Democratic rights of people and their ideology demands “a leader who can fight for them”. These constructive social norms often create war situations that influence political impact on the states, military power, and reinforcement. 

The mentioned solutions and own perspectives

The mentioned solution for this problem is to maintain a harmonious relationship between each country and adopt the concept of world peace in the bond of world development. According to my perspective, I would point out the mostly negative outcomes of war because the more we develop the more we engage ourselves in violence in the name of peace.

Critical values

The article helped us to realize the truth of the world and the social structure which also highlights the existence of the world. Even the war similarly developed its form and we develop the conflict style or the war style in the digital platform. These wars and invasions also helped us establish a new era of development. These social norms also created today’s society.


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