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Aug 23, 2023

To assess the risk associated with biometric security measures used by organizations     

  1. The report should follow this format.
  • Title/research subject area
  • Presented by (the lecturer’s name)
  • Research area: A brief description of the area (around 250 words)
  • Relation to Computer Science in general: What other areas in Computer Science and Science, in general, does the area relate to?

2. Research questions and methods: Identify a significant research question in this area. What methods could be used to investigate this question?

Evaluate the effectiveness of these methods. (Around 250 words)

3. General relevance: What relevance does this kind of work have in general?   How might it be generally helpful?  Are there any possible negative implications? (around 300 words)

4. Assessment criteria
Appropriate format structure and grammar. Clarity of writing.
Appropriate use of citations and references.
Demonstration of understanding of the research areas and literature.
Demonstration of ability to identify research questions.
Demonstration of ability to identify and evaluate research methods,


Executive summary

The main motive of this research is to find the risks involved in using “biometrics technology as a security measure”. Biometrics was a result of the passwords that were not strong enough and could be easily hacked so biometrics seemed to be a very innovative and easy solution for them as it used the distinctive feature of a human to unlock the personal details of a person. Access to the account is only possible when that person can identify as the person he claims to be. Previously it was a method that people used as an alternative when they forgot their passwords but now it is used as the main technology to unlock one’s account.


Automatic identification of a person by their distinctive behavior or characteristics is known as biometrics. This method of technology has been used as a password to secure people’s valuables such as personal information. These were created as an alternative to the passwords that secure the private information of an individual. Although capabilities like real-time facial tracking on the new iPhones could be used by cybercriminals to enter into someone’s accounts. biometrics such as voice recognition, heartbeats, facial recognition, fingerprints, veins, and eyelids cannot replace the existing protective measures including the usage of passwords. Every person nowadays has used biometrics to conceal their data. This has been possible through the commencement of smartphones, laptops, and other such electronic devices which come under daily use of a person and can therefore it can be said that it has become a part of a person’s life.

As people hurry towards adopting biometrics inside the industry, it is indeed important to keep in mind that such characteristics are out there everywhere. even including science fiction movies or highly advanced tech future movies containing these kinds of biometrics, where images and eyes were being captured, and also in pubs and restaurants where fingerprints are left which apply as a source for either the criminals or the detectives. Furthermore, once the hackers have obtained the information, they will now be able to utilize it indefinitely since it is unchangeable. As a result, suitable storage of the information is required, as is combining these two or more attributes while preserving the information and reducing the risk of unauthorized access by cybercriminals.

Research questions and methods

“Embracing technology” isn’t enough so the technology can’t ensure the customers’ and institutions’ “data security and privacy”. For example, according to a study, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 may capture real-time photographs of an individual that could be used to “open a bank account” with face detection and recognition security procedures. This could be extremely risky, therefore steps must be taken to ensure the use of biometrics as a kind of “security mechanism” that ensures data protection. This will have more chances of reducing fraudulent activities and give those people also businesses peace of mind about personal integrity as well as confidentiality. The author’s goal is to teach basic computer skills to organizational leaders, supervisors, and IT specialists. This would be necessary even though they have difficulty resolving even the most basic computer issues. They eventually wind up squandering time by hiring outside help to address problems that they could easily handle themselves.

It highlights as well as clarifies a problem that has traditionally been shown to be a matter of concern for the industry. A remedy to the challenge proposed is to explain why it is believed that the project will be an aid to organizational management. Biometric technology in the healthcare industry and banking industry can be very useful as it would be beneficial for the patients, the working staff, the organization as well as the industry. The advancement of technology in these two industries can result in a better future for people.


Identification and explanation of the biometrics technology in the industries can be considered beneficial, but it cannot be dependable. As machines, they could also go through wear and tear or break down forgetting the registered biometrics security can cause lots of problems to every individual. Therefore, an alternative method needs to be found so that people can access their data immediately if the machine dysfunctions. It highlights as well as clarifies a problem that has traditionally been shown to be a matter of concern for the industry. A remedy to the challenge proposed is to explain why it is believed that the project will be an aid to organizational management. This study broadens the range of buy behavior reactions from “being limited to the brain (SNS & PSNS)” to being able to influence the hormones as well as the nervous system. Whereas in other areas of the body the idea of innovation from “contemporary biological advancements and Neuromarketing concepts”.The study by Agrawal (2022) states that The work of this paper is to first focus on consumer behavior and then move on to observe their emotional responses outside of the brain and central nervous system of exogenous variables on bodily processes, pheromones, and functions, therefore proposing the “human body as a Bio marketing engine”.


Adler, A. (2016). Biometric system security. In Handbook of biometrics (pp. 381-402). Springer US.

Agrawal, V. (2022).  Biomarketing: Human Body as the Marketing Engine.

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