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FSS 2100- Discussion Questions

Aug 25, 2023

Answer the following……..

  1. Name three entrées that might generate scraps or leftovers through their production. Name the ingredients that would be left over and create 3 menu item (not an entrée) that could utilize those leftovers.
  2. Describe in detail an original entrée of your creation. Make sure that it incorporates the concepts of variety and balance on the plate. Describe all of the ways in which the dish exhibits variety and balance.

Discussion Questions

5. The names of three food items that might generate scrap or leftovers through their products are the peels from the vegetable and the fruits items. Secondly, the eggshell from the egress is leftover, thirdly seeds from the fruits like mango.

Veggies are mostly the leftover ingredient that has been seen mostly in recent years. The leftovers can be used in various ways. In the menu options, the leftover can be firstly used in the rice making where the prices can be made with the leftover vegetables (Namgung, Kim & Hong, 2019, p.5). The soup can be made from leftover vegetables. The other things which can be made from that are some patties or the pizza which can be made out of it. It can be said that various items can be made with leftover veggies.

6. The original entry of my creativity is the vegetable rice which can be made with the leftover. Here the balance is there and the healthy option is also there. It can be said that rice made with veggies makes the food healthier, unlike other processed food which is used by most other people. In a balanced food place, the nutrition is there, and the plate is full of fibers, protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. In the vegetable rice, all the things are there. The prices provide carbs, the vegetable is the fibers, and the egg is on its protein and calcium as well (Ishak et al. 2020, p.1445). My creation of mine is a well-balanced food that is healthy as well as tastes good and easily can be made with leftover things.


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Namgung, K., Kim, T. H., & Hong, Y. S. (2019). Menu recommendation system using smart plates for well-balanced diet habits of young children. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing2019

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