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ILS4190-Week 5 Analytical Journal: Consequences of Addiction Viewed as Evil

Jul 24, 2023


Week 5 Analytical Journal: Consequences of Addiction Viewed as Evil

To the frustration of those who treat addictions and provide assistance, those affected by substance abuse are still often seen as people of weak will who give in to the base desires while the abused substances are commonly referred to as evil. Consider the phenomena of the other and the argument James Knoll presents in his article we read in Week 4 to help you explore reasons that explain why so many adhere to this conception of addictions that are integrally linked to evil. What are the potential consequences of continuing to link evil to addiction?

As always, journals should be between 2 to 4 pages double-spaced in length, and supported with paraphrases and/or brief direct quotations from the critical articles.


Week 5 Analytical Journal: Consequences of Addiction Viewed as Evil

In the article, from week 4 James Knoll, mainly states about the illusion of “evil”, which is entirely subjected to the concept which is created by humans. As James Knoll considers that nothing is inherited, therefore, evil in nature or within the universe. On the other hand, James Knoll has defined that he is against forensic psychiatry., in the case of his historical overview, he mentions the concept of evil that has led out to be historical while doing things on the basis of injustice. Therefore, through his article, I have collected the idea of mentioning the impact of the witches. As per the article, the resurrection of the witches’ hammer is based on the reaction to fear, with distress and calamity based on religious concern. Thus, as per the demonic possession based on the Christina church is mainly consumed with superstition, that rode herd based on the diagnosis as well as treatment based on the mental illness. On the other hand, based on the ideas of the Renaissance is an obsession with the evil from the witches to be prominent (Knoll p. 105).  

Addiction is one of the complicated diseases that mainly involves an evil mind and the evil nature of humans. Thus, this helps in developing an ability in order to stop its use, because, this often confesses that damages the behavior, ranging with adverse psychological, physiological as well as based personal impact. Thus, in the initial context, addiction to drugs is evil (Knoll p. 106). Thus, all believed that drugs and their consumption is evil, as this solely puts a person in the context based on developing the criteria to get addicted to marijuana and substance use. Thus, I really liked the idea based on the evil which is associated with drugs based on numerous root causes.

Apparently, news has currently narrated the consequences of addiction, due to drugs, which is affecting human nature. Thus, the use of drugs also increases the risk of human death, early age consumption of illicit substance use, as well as increasing the risk of contracting diseases, like HIV or any sexually transmitted disease. Drugs are actually evil, because, often consuming drugs, while pregnant, can have a bad impact on the baby. Thus, drug-exposed many children with developmental problems, based on their behavior attention, as well as thinking. On the other hand, substances can even pass through the mother’s breast milk to newborn infants.

Drugs are evil because, they have a very bad impact on the life of humans, as this is causing illicit drug use one of the most significant uses by people across the globe. Therefore, drug is considered to be evil because, they are addictive in nature, which are often recognized to be evil in nature, which have a consequence for society. People start smoking cigarettes as well as marijuana, which can be legalized for medical purposes but it is used by people as a means of addiction (Knoll p. 110). Thus, the intake of harder drugs like heroin, as well as marijuana are an illicit form of drugs that are often consumed by people and is viewed as evil, which has a negative impact on the people creating a negative impact on it ( 2014). Thus Pope Francis mentioned that reducing the level of drug consumption can lead to reducing evil from humanity. Thus, reports state that more than 11% of people with drug consumption eventually have several disorders, which can develop them into evil with negative consequences.

As Pope Francis mentioned, “Drug addiction is evil, and with evil, there can be no yielding or compromise”, – through this line, Pope tried to carry on with the impact of drugs being evil that can have been deemed with the act of committing an influence on the society and on the people around. Thus, the consumption of drugs with lead to crime or harming another human or people in the society can be another consequence of evil, underneath the drug. Moreover, drugs were usually, based on an illegal note, as it is often trafficked with committing crime and danger. Thus, long-term consumption of drugs has its negativity in a way that can have a bad impact on the brain of an individual in order to process the information, while creating their mind to be evil.        

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