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ILS4190-Leaders and Their supporters

Jul 26, 2023

    Option 1: Leaders and Their Supporters

    The FBI and other groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, report that hate crimes based on anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and homophobia are increasing at alarming rates not only in the United States but also in nations worldwide. Much of the increase appears to be linked to leaders who are fueling hate by encouraging their followers to direct hate towards political opponents or who refer to members of minority groups as animals or worse. Many of these leaders are also attempting to create a world in which objective facts no longer exist. Historically leaders and their supporters who have engaged in these and similar behaviors that advocate policies of hate have been labeled as evil. Should these current leaders and their supporters be considered advocates of evil? Why? Why not? Use specific evidence to support your position.

    Option 1: Leaders and Their supporters

    Are leaders and their support of hate crimes evil?

                Crimes can be recognized to be one of the most prime factors that can lead to the development of evil among all. Apart from this here I would like to mention the measure where crime is as dangerous as this can harm a person mentally as well as cause physical harm which can create hate, and that can be like hate. Thus, crimes are mainly initiated for several reasons that include Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, as well as homophobia. Therefore, these are the main cause that makes the global fight among all the citizens along with the civilians that encourages the people based on the political move to carry on their leadership, while spreading about the evil, that leads to crime. Therefore, in my opinion, leaders, along with their supporters, who have been promoting hatred instead go peace are objectively considered evil. Thus, corruption can be considered evil, because, politicians who have frequent access to the general information are based on what the public does, hence, this is considered to be a challenge that makes the poor people judge their appearance which is accelerated on their retrospect (Berenbaum, 2020).

                As compared with this theory, after collecting the statistics from the FBI, which has defined that crimes happen due to several causes, because, of the people getting gender bias, based on their racial grounds as well as their religion. People are often pissed off with the Islam people in America, because, they are often recognized to be terrorists, though they wanted to be a citizen. Thus, differentiation, of the skin color and the national origin often levels them to act as violence against their property, based on civil rights, which is certainly called to be a true threat or a conspiracy against committing evil.

                Yet, the concept is true that leaders who force hate and are followed by their supporters are often navigated to be considered evil. The hostility, as well as the brutality of the crime, mainly spreads through the leaders, who tried to create an authoritarian society. Thus, here, it can be the name of Adolf Hitler, who was not fond of democracy, thus, he made his own rule and made, the common people follow it. Apart from this, Hannah Arendt even spoke boldly about the danger of politics, and how common people, had to give their life. There, Adolf Hitler took an active part in architect the Second World War, based on the anti-Semitic efforts which directly resulted to cause the death of millions of Jews, during the period of the Holocaust. Although he can be named to be a human with evil, as for him enormous people had to face death, he is recognized to be the cause of human suffering, which included millions of Soviet Union people and the European Jews. 

            On the contrary, Islamophobia can be recognized as a global issue. Scientific research based on the movement, mainly developed after the attack of Al-Qaeda, the terror group formed by Osama-Bin Laden. As most of the U.S. people identify Muslims to be terrorists, as they are often suspected as well as regarded as perpetrators from the 9/11 decades. Thus, the evil has been created a decade ago, but people still believed that the Muslim community is considered to be terrorists and is often suspected. Hence, based on an overall collection, from the efficient system based on the government prosecution along with the media coverage that brings Muslim-Americans to always suspect the people to be terrorists and Anti-national attention while creating an impression, which can be perhaps unintentionally based on the thinking of Muslim-American terrorism. Thus, globally many Muslims, have stated about the evil feeling, about the Muslim, who have reported that they have been feeling bad and discriminated against from the West.

             Therefore, in the past, the leaders who have been spreading bate speech were considered evil, along with their supporters. Hence, this created harm within the society, while dividing a political division within the society, along with creating wrong leaders for the future. Therefore, politicism often offers evil speech, and they are supported by their team, can be termed as evil, and as per my thinking, they shall get a life-prison. One of the most significant criteria is homophobia, which is another significant evil faced within society and can be considered an extended problem. Thus, government coverage and the media have a great influence to create homophobia to be one of the most opposing influences (Anderson, 2016). Therefore, opposing same-sex marriage or adopting the criteria of same-sex marriage is evil.  Therefore, people have the right to be married at any point in time, with anybody, so they have the right to marry same-sex people. Thus, they should not be considered evil, as they are considered to be evil under stereotypical identities.

              This can be concluded that people from all grounds shall fight against the opponent so that people can stay apart from the anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, as well as homophobic society. Thus, the politicians shall not take up the platform of hate speech in order to take [art to talk against the people. therefore, the common people shall take up the initiative so that they can condemn the discrimination taking place on the ground of religion, race, or even in case of homosexual grounds. Thus, the following system, in order to overcome discrimination shall contribute to creating a world with no evil.  

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