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COM 4020- Week 5 Discussion: Effectiveness of the Community Intervention

Sep 6, 2023

Select one news release that discusses a global health program from one of the following organizations:

After you have read the news release, in your post, provide your reaction to it. Be sure to explain what made this topic a health disparities issue, which theory you think it is based on, and the potential effectiveness of the community intervention.

Week 5 Discussion: Effectiveness of the Community Intervention

After reading the news article The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to build a Culture of Health, I thought this topic had a health disparities issue because building a culture of health aims with a goal of every individual across the nation. To live a healthy life in the community, individuals should try to remain fit and overcome health disparities. After the initiation of the Inflation Reduction Act, the investment in climate change has been envisioned with proper legislation so that the patients affected by health disparities might extend their honest efforts to determine long lives. Robert Wood’s foundation was built to get the fair opportunity for health check-ups influenced by complex factors and create a social bond between families and communities (rwjf org, 2022). The policy-making trend has accelerated with long-term goals so that the Inflation of Reduction Act would protect from premium costs in the next three years. In the short term, the health and economic effects associated with severe American consumers significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades.

Expanding Medicaid has prioritized the people of health disparities among the poor. The initiation of global health programs has extensively reduced life expectancy, maternal health, and reproductive care problems. It is a plan that needs to be solved with the inclusion of Medicaid coverage in all 50 states. The RWJF has improved health equity in the US by working on developing Cultural Health so that individuals with a fair opportunity could thrive on health disparities. After the launch of the RWJF Award for Health Equity, the organizations have selected the change-makers in their new communities with improvements in well-being for people (rwjf org, 2022)

During the global pandemic, the nation has emerged health inequities across society to connect with underserved people facing behavioral disparities. The responsive and changing mental healthcare process has promoted equal opportunities for patients in a medical setting. It would help to ensure an equity culture with a system of privilege that thrives on the decision and support of health. The exploration of public health institutes has various initiatives for a black infant to get proper administration and financial development support.

 The National Network of Public Health Institutions has enabled the demonstration of stakeholders to get included in historically marginalized communities. It would help assist the connectivity providers for public health disparities and create a strong bond for new efforts. It is reported that collaborating with communities to advance health equity might support the social justice framework on a big scale. It functions as the assertive response of fiscal policy that is run by the administrative entity to build health equity (rwjf org, 2022)

To conclude, the above news has discussed the global health program of RWJK that helps improve Health Equity in the US. By developing the Health Equity Program, every individual in the US would get fair opportunities and medical care treatment with no financial problems. Therefore, RWJK Culture Health has set a framework to form a national agenda for improving the health and well-being of people.


rwjf org (2022), The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to build a Culture of Health [Retrieved on: November 19, 2022]

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