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PSYCH 599- Week 6 Discussion

Aug 22, 2023

You have nearly finished going through the writing process in this course, culminating in the completion of your EEE Es Goals for Success Final Paper. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Consider your journey throughout this course and recommend 5 tips for graduate writing that you would share with others. Think about all your coursework. What did you learn? What would you do differently? What was most helpful to you?

Week 6 Discussion                    

My acquirement during my study in psychology had been very rewarding. I came to know the value and importance of psychology in human life. At the beginning of 1st week, I understood the value of psychologists in addressing social issues and their changes. How humanism focuses on the potential of an individual. Most importantly the role of American society in psychological changes as it transforms the social order by adjusting behavior, relations, and so on. According to a study, the changes in social life start with personal change which motivates the community (, 2017).

In week 2, I studied about a great psychologist and also my inspiration Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920), the father of experimental psychology. He was the one who recognized psychology as a separate science that today we are studying (Blumenthal & Danziger, 2001, p.45). As a student of physiology, his philosophy regarding understanding modern psychology was very potential.

During week 3, we talked about adolescents and how they can participate in research and if they can give their own consent. There were arguments regarding consent and ethical issues. In week 4, there was something new to learn: written communication skills. As a critical thinker, how it should be present in a workplace. The importance of the skills like it improves communication skills, worker relationships, and so on.

Last week (week 5), we came to know critical thinking skills. It makes us objective, logical, and collaborative. The points that must be remembered as a critical thinker are to be clear and concise, maintain vocal tune, acknowledge the audience’s perspective, and be a good listener and confidant. The last five-week journey with psychology had taught me five different aspects of psychology. I wish to learn more as psychology is not limited to these five aspects after graduation. It helped me to plan my future goal to build a career as a psychologist. My thinking about life has changed and I develop my critical thinking capacity. It was the most helpful part of my life.

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