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PSYCH 599- Week 5 Discussion: Oral Communication Skills

Aug 22, 2023

WK 5 Discussion – Oral Communication Skills & wks Overview

Discussion Topic

Post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.

Give an example of a common situation at work or home that requires critical thinking to understand an issue or solve a problem. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words

How can the scientific method guide your thinking process in this situation?

If you had to work collaboratively with others in this situation, how might you benefit from strong oral communication skills?

What can you do to practice professional oral communication skills during your program?

Week 5 Discussion: Oral Communication Skills     

Critical thinking skills are referred to the efficiency of individuals to look into the broad picture by using related data and information to comprehend the situation and then came to a legitimate judgment about undertaking or executing. A critical thinker must be objective to look from a neutral point. They should be logical to make step by step approach (Maarof, 2018, p.65). Their work needed to be evidence-based because data or facts do not rely on feelings or claims. They must be collaborative as in teamwork everyone’s point of view matters.

In the workplace, the scientific methods of oral communication skills help in various ways. Like,

Being open to exploring: If someone came up with a new idea, few of them will stay in their comfort zone and not give much importance to the new idea (Maarof, 2018, p.68). A critical thinker must acknowledge the new idea and seek new information and be ready to explore.

Determination: A critical thinker is needed to take a quick and accurate decision in an emergency or very short period. Right or wrong will be judged later, but the determination of decision-making is more important than others.

Controlling emotion: Many ethical challenges occur in the workplace which may create emotional stress. A critical thinker will solve the situation by collecting more data and analyzing thoroughly to conclude. In the workplace, critical thinking skills benefited in many ways from oral communication skills.

Trust: It builds trust among the employees, there can communicate better and make a decision together or in a group.

Job satisfaction: If an employee felt trusted his work of interest will increase eventually. Oral communication increased job satisfaction.

Problem-solving: oral communication is the best way to solve a problem whether it is in the workplace or the community (Changwong, Sukkamart, & Sisan, 2018, p.11). The more you talk the situation will solve accordingly.

There are a few key points we could practice in professional life regarding communication skills. These are, to be clear and concise, maintain vocal tune, acknowledge the audience’s perspective, and be a good listener and confidant.


Changwong, K., Sukkamart, A., & Sisan, B. (2018). Critical thinking skill development: Analysis of a new learning management model for Thai high schools. Journal of International Studies11.

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