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PSYC 420- Essay: Epistemology Assignment

Aug 27, 2023

Essay: Epistemology Assignment:
Define epistemology and describe the 3 models of how certain we are that our perceptions mirror reality. Which position do you hold, and why? What are the different methods of knowing (see Entwistle chapter 5)? What are the limitations of these (or any) methods of knowing? What methods of knowing are appropriate for Christians, and why?

Epistemology Assignment

Epistemology is the theory related to knowledge, mainly recognized as the branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge. Thus, this paper mainly thrives on describing what epistemology is, as I have learned that this term mainly originated from a Greek word that acknowledges the most basic sense of epistemology based on knowledge. Epistemology can be distinguished from a justified with believed opinion. Thus, this branch of philosophy is concerned with the theory of knowledge, justification, and rational belief. According to Entwistle (2021), epistemology is the exploration that defines the study of nature while taking up considerable possibilities with all the limitations and knowledge. Based on the perception, in this case, the mirror reality is based on an epistemology that helps a person to feel determined enough about the truthful act. Thus, Epistemology mainly helps to determine a person’s roots and beliefs on how a person can justify their views. Thus, the perception of the knowledge which is possessed. Moreover, being related to a first process creates an ability with a reason based on epistemology. Therefore, a person cannot just possess knowledge, thus, they must know how to use knowledge.   

Three models of Epistemology are what it showed how to locate people’s perception with the mirror reality, which is based on an anti-realist, the naïve realist, and the critical realist. Moreover, in the case of the anti-realist, it is believed that what has happened is expected in terms of the experiences which is combined with the belief in the case of reality. As compared with the saying of Entwistle (2021), in the case of the naïve realist, which caters to the realist feeling based on the connection taking place between what they believe as well as how they can assume the true reality. Comparing this with the critical realist, which is related to the middle ground, or the belief to make a change to find out the reality. People shall have the ability to learn the reason well, so that they can develop a certain value, with perseverance to find the correct data for research as well as an ability to conduct an argument.

Thus, the significance of using deductive knowledge shall help to get a great approach to establish the truth. Thus, Deductive knowledge is where a person is required to cater to a combination. While it assumes to the situation with all the basic rules to gather information under the set of standardized rules. Thus, deductive knowledge acts like a limitation to get hold of the situation to acknowledge whether things are black or white. Believing in the notion of epistemology is debated to be good for all Christians since they might not contradict the sayings in the Bible. Thus, as mentioned in Philippians 2:12, can be considered a great example of epistemology, with the verse that says how to work with one’s salvation with fear and trembling (, 2022). Therefore, there are a lot of religious applications where one can feel the written words in the Bible, with a perception related to salvation. Thus, with the Christian aspects, it is really important to seek a better answer from the Biblical perspective. While it is known from the Bible is God’s saying is the actual truth.  

However, being a student I believe that it is significant to make use of some importance of the three models related to Epistemology, to seek an answer as well as they can learn about various information, we will seek the great promotion on the prompt to establish a love for God. When one wants to seek an answer from God, then they can find the truth, based on knowledge, which can assure to be good from all the failings. I would want to narrate the details that state that epistemology, in my opinion, is separate from the major facts, as denoted to get relieved from fear and trembling as a part that clarifies the relevance of the sayings, with a careful note, so that one can study the word and shall let the world learn in details about the significance of salvation, as it is mention in terms of Christian virtues and the saying in Bible.

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Entwistle, D. N. (2021). Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration. Wipf and Stock Publishers.

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