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PSYC 313- Week 6 Discussion: IQ Testing

Aug 27, 2023

Week Six Discussion: IQ Testing

Why are IQ tests administered? Is this still a useful practice? Why or why not? (There is only a little bit in the text directly related to IQ testing- p. 23, but also see the video linked below).

Provide evidence to support your answer, and remember to respond to at least two of your peers’ comments, also.

TED Standardized Testing

Week 6 Discussion: IQ Testing

Administering the IQ tests is very significant because this helps an individual to score more with the administrative relevance Moreover, IQ scores are actually based on the details which dwell on the placement related to the educational or particular school programs which are used to evaluate someone for their mental disabilities. Furthermore, IQ tests are related to the sometimes which is used as a part of the job, as well as application. Thus, research is based on the discoveries related to an average IQ which differs around the globe. Thus, the intelligence quotient is estimated as the numerical value, which is considered to be a particular way to make an indication to learn about the intellectual abilities of an individual, with conventional expectations.

In the video from “TED Standardized Testing”, the formulation is the video to understand the proper meaning of standardized testing and its significance. Perhaps the text denotes the significant details about the prospective teaching system to make the children learn about the intelligence quotient, which indicates a numerical way while indicating the degree to understand the student’s academic abilities with conventional expectations. In collaboration with the YouTube video, standardized test methods help to understand the creativity and critical thinking of the students (Popham, 2019).

I liked where the video fetched the example of the “Broken Thermometer”, which can be considered as using metaphors to understand the reliability and validity of standardized test results. Thus, a standardized test method is based on the assessment to build the principle related to consistency, with all the test takers which are required to answer the questions with relevance, based on the same questions as well as they can answer with the grades based on the same, pre-determined ways (TED-Ed, 2017)

I think this is a useful practice because practicing standardized testing helps to indicate the student’s intellectual understanding and cognitive development.  This test is significant because this test helps to measure individuality, related to mental agility as well as an ability based on the education system, with placement based on the educational programs. Standardized tests mainly offer evidence to promote the academic end of the students, which can act as enhancing the student’s career.  

I think that practicing standardized testing helps to develop or administer the cognitive development of the students which can help the students to make intellectual achievements so that they can get success, with a curriculum improvement and making an educational reformation, based on evaluating mental disabilities. Thus, IQ tests are made to make use of something to understand the academic development of the intelligence of a child. Thus, this method is very significant as it helps an individual to identify how the students can develop their ideas, while accelerating the mental abilities of the students, to measure scores before an improvement (Kovacs & Conway, 2019).

This is because I think that standardized testing mainly expresses the test methods to designate the right job to measure the right thing. Moreover, test plays a vital role, because they help to make further improvements, for the students to learn. After all, this helps the studentsace strive for their academic positions to be their best.     


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