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PSYC 313- Week 3 Discussion: Dialogue

Aug 26, 2023

Week 3: Dialogue

Your original posts (300-word minimum) should answer the following question (you should also provide at least two 150-word response postings to the classmates in your group):

Imagine a study in which you will visually present participants with a list of 20 words, one at a time, wait for a short time, and then ask them to recall as many of the words as they can. In the stressed condition, they are told that they might also be chosen to give a short speech in front of a small audience. In the unstressed condition, they are not told that they might have to give a speech. What are several specific things that you could do to standardize the procedure?

Week 3 Discussion: Dialogue         

One of the most crucial aspects of creating a research study is selecting the target outcome. What specific experiment is taking on here? What elements fit into the independent and dependent groups? What goals does the exam have? After such issues are resolved, the design could advance. The technique should be as uniform as feasible to prevent unplanned deviation and ensure that it is implemented consistently to all participants, regardless of their state of health. The following details have to be part of the requirements for this particular investigation:

The same 20 words, which should be simple to recognize and remember, would be shown to each participant. To maintain the integrity of the other terms in the list, they shouldn’t use foul language. The process might be mechanized using computer programs or straightforward slide shows;

Each participant’s “brief period” of recall should be the same length;

The environment must be quiet and distraction-free for word recall and visual presentation;

Everyone should do their own “interview”;

The same experimenter should be assigned to each participant. Additionally, the method of conducting the study should be the same. The experimenter should give equally clear or concise directions to each subject. The same message needs to be sent to everyone. 

  • A procedure may contain specifics on the experimenters’ actions and statements from the time they welcome participants until they are dismissed;
  • Standard instructions should be given to participants, either for them to read out or for the researcher to read aloud to them.

Being “anxiety free” is defined as the majority of individuals not seeking therapy for social or anxiety problems that can increase their public speaking phobia either now or in the past;

In other words, there shouldn’t be any visual difficulties that prevent participants from fully understanding those claims;

The average participant should be similar in age, educational level, and socioeconomic background. Each participant should have had about equal exposure to public speaking. By our text, the experimenter should be “blind” to the study’s question. Individuals’ degrees of age or immaturity, education or lack thereof, financial independence or difficulty, etc., shouldn’t impact comparisons of how each reacts. This is a crucial idea. The objective is to reduce the subject’s exposure to experimenter influence and to outright prohibit it.  


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