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PSYC 313- Week 14 Discussion: Disorders Common among Children and Adolescents

Sep 11, 2023

Write on the chapter’s topic 

 Week 14’s topic – Disorders Common among Children and Adolescents

Week 14 Discussion: Disorders Common among Children and Adolescents

While reading Chapter 14, I found that anxiety-related disorders are prevalent among psychological disorders in childhood and adolescence. The main reason for childhood and adolescent anxiety disorder is maltreatment. Often maltreatment begins from parents. Aggressive parental style includes abusing verbally and physically. As a result of this, children remain in constant anxiety about their daily activities.

Other stressful events, such as bullying, in a child’s life bring about neurobiological changes and cause anxiety disorders in adulthood. Several researchers have concluded that phobias are primarily developed and experienced in childhood due to anxiety.

They have found that subjects with a history of trauma are more likely to experience higher rates of depression than those without a traumatic past. The researchers also explained their various challenges while conducting their study and acknowledged that there is limited information in the field.

Apart from maltreatment, unhealthy relationships between parents often cause anxiety among children. Further, the separation between parents leaves children with insecurity, which causes anxiety. Besides anxiety disorder, several other psychological disorders, such as bipolar disorders, depressive disorders, and oppositional defiant disorder, affect children and adolescents.

It deserves to be mentioned that psychological disorders among children and adolescents do not immediately impact their psychological states but also affect their psychological states later.

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