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PSYC-3007-Week 4 Discussion: Framing and Language Elements

Aug 1, 2023

Discussion: Framing and Language Elements

“It’s not what you said; it’s how you said it.” Have you ever used those words? What do they bring to mind? It could be a tone of voice that is sarcastic and causes you to think the speaker is not sincere, which may make you feel upset.

Experts who study persuasion know that those kinds of assessments also affect how we pay attention to the messages in our social worlds. Words do matter, as does how they are spoken and the overarching way they are presented, or framed. Many elements have a role in how you decide the persuasive power of information. Those elements influence the cognitive and emotional connections you make that impact how persuaded you are or how persuasive you can be.

For this Discussion, you will again examine the components of product advertising and marketing by choosing a G- or PG-rated commercial, video advertisement, or infomercial that you view on television or the Internet. You will analyze your commercial/ad/infomercial for elements that impact your cognitive and emotional connection to it.

To prepare:

  • Review the Week 4 Learning Resources, paying particular attention in Chapter 11 to the information from the section on Framing (read to the end of the Chapter).
  • Select your focus: commercial, ad, or infomercial. Note the URL, if available.
  • View the commercial/ad/infomercial as many times as needed to sufficiently analyze your cognitive and emotional involvement with it.
  • Consider how the framing of the commercial/ad/infomercial informs your emotional/cognitive involvement with the material.
  • Think about the elements of language used in your ad such as speed, power, and intensity.  Which element stood out for you and why?
  • Evaluate the commercial/ad/ infomercial according to the principles and practices of advertising ethics.


Discussion: Framing and Language Elements

In the sphere of product marketing and advertisement, the most important challenge is to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement in developing cognitive and emotional engagement among consumers. It becomes much more crucial when a new product is launched and introduced to consumers for the first time.

For the analytical purpose, the Introductory Launch AD of IPad Pro APPLE is selected which was launched online on a social media platform on April 21st, 2021 ( Even though Apple is a reputed and well-established brand but it is in the most competitive market of technological innovation, hence it was very interesting to analyze this particular commercial video advertisement. 

The structure of the above-mentioned commercial AD is very unique, providing clear explicit conclusion-drawing techniques visually summarizing the unique features of the product. It is affecting the overall attitude and focus of the consumer, eventually towards the product by creating a positive vibe around it. Here this Advertisement garners attention, curiosity, excitement, and a sense of joy from the consumers. The immediate cognitive response was to concentrate on the unique features of the product and interestingly the short and appropriate information and the verbal framing added to the eagerness to understand more. It is appealing to the overall mass, engaging the consumer completely into the product. I felt that the advertisement wanted to connect with young college-goers, and professionals between the age group of 18 – 38 yrs (Anthony, 2020, p.6898).

The video advertisements are a collective experience of the audio-visual impact that they create. In this advertisement, the abstract smart creative use of the car racing background score with the smart visual cuts, makes the consumer feel as if he is going for a ride, and relating the same experience to using the iPad, was shot out of the park. A very liberating emotional experience. Speed, the powerful impact of the language specifically key features, and the visual intensity is an adrenaline-rushing experience for the consumer persuading them to be a buyer as early as possible (Singh, 2019, p.11).

The ethical true information regarding the product features is very important, as that will be one of the motivators for the consumer. The interesting colour pallete, the graphical audio-visual experience, and the impact of speed and intensity in editing are the most dynamic qualities of persuasion in this advertisement.


Anthony, S. J., Liu, V., Cheng, C., & Fan, F. (2020). Evaluating communication effectiveness of youtube advertisements. International Journal of Information Research and Review7(4), 6896-6901.

Singh, A. P. (2019). Dynamics of Persuasion in Advertising: An Analysis of Apple Commercials (Doctoral dissertation). (2021) Introducing iPad Pro | Apple Retrieved from:  Retrieved on: 2nd February 2022

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