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PSYC 109- Assignment#3

Aug 16, 2023


Assignment #3

Growing up has never been easy. However, adolescence is not best viewed as a time of rebellion, crisis, pathology, and deviance. A far more accurate vision of adolescence describes it as a time of evaluation, decision-making, commitment, and carving out a place in the world. Most of the problems of today’s youth are not with the youth themselves. What adolescents need is access to a range of legitimate opportunities and long-term support from adults who care deeply about them.

What might be some examples of such support and caring? What worked or didn’t work for you during this time? What had you wished you had or maybe were glad that you did? Think in terms of the home, school, peer group, and community at large.



Healthy adolescent development needs good mental health, strong resilience, and relationship. A loving and strong relationship can have a positive and direct influence on the mental health and overall development of teens who are going through adolescence. There are many options for supporting teenage children with their problems occurring in the path of their development.


Example of support and caring:

In the course of promoting the well-being and good mental health of the child, the parents and their surroundings can show care, affection, and love to the child. The parents should praise the achievements, efforts, and good points of their child. They have to give value to their child’s opinions and ideas. The parents and the guardians need to spend time with their child either one on one or together as a family. Encouragement should be given to the child to talk and share about their daily life and their feelings with their close adult ones. Adolescent children should feel that they have the back of their parents in any problems and the child doesn’t need to solve them alone. The concerns of the parents, as well as the teachers about the child, should be discussed.

My experience of adolescent time:

I remember my days of adolescence. During that time, I have seen the highest amount of weight and high growth. It was the time when I had gone through puberty changes. At that time, I have gone through my physical and sexual maturation. I developed so many abstract thinking ideas. I have developed my life plans and the long-term goal of my life during the days of my teenage. During that time, I became concerned with politics, social issues, and philosophy. I still remember those days I used to argue a lot with my peers, school friends, parents, and teachers. I wanted to become independent from my parents and I thought that it will make me a more free and responsible man which was a wrong concept of mine that I realized long after. I also remember that I fell in love for the first time in my adolescence.

Things in which I am glad I did:

I set my life goals during my adolescence which I am proud of. I have started the preparation for a better future from the days of my adolescence. Although I wanted to be independent of my parents, I did not leave them which was the right decision because they bring me into this world it would be selfish for me if I leave them for my adolescent thoughts. During those days I started studying hard for good grades and I became more serious about my future which I cherish now. During my teenage, I also acquire the quality of mine of accepting challenges, handling stress, and managing it. My teenage was the pillar of my adulthood on which the morality and idealism of my adult life are sanding. During the days of high school, I have made strong bonds of friendship which are still very valuable to me.  Apart from some mistakes, those days were the most learnable and golden days of my life.

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