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PSY 521- Week 6 Discussion: Article Review

Aug 28, 2023

  1. Differentiate the usage of the following words: a team, a group, a club, a gang, and a committee.
  1. Choose ONE of their themes and find ONE new research article from the COVID era that updates their conclusions on that topic.
  2. Provide a summary of that article, and how it relates to current events (i.e., COVID, remote work), and provide the PDF for the class to read.

Week 6 Discussion: Article Review

Many individuals get easily confused between what is a team of individuals and what is a group of individuals. According to my knowledge, a group is a collection of individuals where everyone coordinates with each other through their efforts. On the other hand, a team is an individual group sharing a common team purpose and goal to be achieved (Sisson, 2013). Meanwhile, there is a difference between a club and a gang As described in the Lexicon Webster Dictionary a club is a people’s association that shares common objectives that need to be met within a particular period. On the other hand, a gang is several individuals mostly men who band together lawlessly. A gang is being applied to the stereotypes of gangsters such as Mafia and street criminals (123help me essays, 2022). Furthermore, a committee is a body of persons who are delegated to consider, investigate, take action, and report on matters such as an advisory committee of the organization.

After reading the article given in the Week 6 readings, I have come to know about major 3 themes that are affecting the organization’s team nature and environment. It includes dynamic composition, technology & distance, and empowerment and delaying. Since the pandemic, as our world has become digitalized, the software development field has run ahead of every industry to implement various ways and communications technologies. The crises amongst the technological advances had influenced the organizational teams to bring various changes in their operations. Here I am discussing the theme of technology & distance. The first virtual team setup was implemented in the ’90s era by software development companies that already had worked towards establishing virtual teams with characteristics like characterized tasks, cultural diversity, the interdependence of tasks, communication, etc.

With the virtualization of technologies, the attitude of human resources has changed towards cloud technology and therefore it has gained thorough importance of software as the service application. Organizational virtual teams have been developed to foster the creation and innovation of global experts for fulfilling specialized projects. Virtual teamwork in this era has evolved to an extent where online collaboration with influencers and companies (nationally and multinational) has become very crucial (Garro-Abarca, Palos-Sanchez, & Aguayo-Camacho, 2021). This idea of virtual teamwork has been generated through the effective use of collaborative ICTs.

The article I have chosen is Virtual Teams in Times of Pandemic: Factors That Influence Performance which analyzes the research study that was conducted in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic with the 317 software development teams that had to work in the virtual environment due to struct Covid 19 restrictions. Moreover, it followed a quantitative methodology for which the outcome concentrates upon the determinants that might affect the virtual team performance The determinants comprise communication between the team members, leadership, empowerment, and cohesion relation. Its research results have provided many opportunities for future studies to implement the virtual team setup in the coming future.


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