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PSY 521- Week 5 Assignment: Part 1 of Major Paper

Aug 28, 2023

Week 5 Assignment: Part 1 of Major Paper



Write a two-page outline of your Week 7 Major Paper.

Choose your ONE topic carefully from those listed in Week 7 as you will not be allowed to change your topic once this outline has been submitted

Ask your Professor for guidance if you are unsure about the topic(s) are considering, OR if you want to deviate a bit from the topics provided in Week 7. Pick a topic that not only interests you but one where you can find sufficient content to meet the page requirement (10-15 pages).

Week 5 Assignment: Part 1 of Major Paper


In the final research paper, I have selected the topic Use of Feedback in Assessing and Developing Employees the first thing that I will be including is defining the system of feedback in the organization. Feedback is the information about the performance of the employee observed by the trainee and the standard given by the trainer to improve the performance of the trainee as a whole. Much past research has shown that the provision of feedback from the assessment will develop a positive impact on the organizational employees (Saedon et al 2012). Feedback is generally a two-way process, therefore in an organization, if it is consistently working, then it boosts the overall procedure of business development and employee engagement. Moreover, if the organization is looking for an effective feedback system that brings good outcomes to the organization, then there needs to be a two-way communication establishment between the organizational employee and the manager as it helps in building good relationships between the management and the employee (Nikolic, Peric & Bovan, 2020). With feedback, employees also get enough motivation to give their best and improve where they are lacking behind in their designated job roles.

Roles of feedback in an organization in employees’ learning capability

All the transformational leaders of this era are looking to develop a permanent system in their organizations that enables the employees to keep learning and evolving their knowledge. Therefore, they can be able to gain much knowledge about their respective specialization and can communicate with the customers effectively well. In the research paper, I will be discussing in brief how the effective execution of the feedback system in the organization may reap advantages at both organizational and employee levels (Nikolic, Peric & Bovan, 2020). I will also be referring to what performance indicators a feedback system should contain to achieve the most benefits. Along with all this, my research paper will also have brief information about what impact does feedback system can create on employees’ performances.

Effective feedback system delivery

No matter whether the organization is big or small, an effective feedback system is a crucial need to achieve the organization’s success and reputation. It also helps in developing the morale of the staff and enables the employees to learn more about their capabilities and weaknesses (Collier, 2019). In short an effective feedback system aware the employees aware of what they are capable of. For the final research paper, I am planning to include in brief how managers would provide real and true feedback to their fellow employees. The methods that my research paper will comprise are as

1- Starting with the positive points

2- Being specific and objective

4- Providing actionable advice

5- Making feedback frequent

6- Communicating with the employees face-to-face

Benefits of the effective feedback system

The feedback system in the workplace plays a crucial role. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, employees will get motivated after receiving feedback from their managers and can communicate effectively with each other to get the desired outcomes. The final paper will comprise various advantages of implementing feedback systems in the workplace.

1- Increased motivation

2- Greater performance

3- Continuous earning


In the end, my final research paper will have everything summarised the feedback system among employees and workplace managers in brief.


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