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PSY 220-Final Thoughts on Positive Psychology

Aug 7, 2023

Happy employees report happiness across many areas of their lives. Happy workers tend to have both a sense of effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace, and their performance on the job directly relates to their life satisfaction (Lopez, 2019). Think about the Gainful Employment figure in Chapter 15 of your text (shown below). These nine benefits, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, are essential to your happiness and satisfaction at work. They are: Variety in Duties Performed, Safe Working Environment, and income for the Family and Self, Deriving Purpose in Providing a Product or Service, Happiness and Satisfaction, Engagement and Involvement, Sense of Performing Well and Meeting Goals, Companionship and Loyalty to Co-workers and Company, and Respect and Appreciation for Diversity.

Discussion Topic

Final Thoughts on Positive Psychology

In your original post, answer the following:

For this discussion, choose one of the nine gainful employment aspects and, in your own words, explain what that might look like in your future career. Do you believe your dream job will be able to accomplish this aspect? How do you think accomplishing gainful employment will affect your life overall? 

Respect and Appreciation of Diversity

Gainful Employment:

Respect and Appreciation of Diversity have been treated as one of the key aspects for satisfaction of work. I tend to feel the inclusion of different people in a workplace is pertinent for career growth and satisfaction. For accomplishment in my career, I look forward to dealing with a diversified population, since in the field of therapy, it will be a priority as well as a compulsion too. Dealing with people from various backgrounds and giving them the power to assert themselves will encourage me to work on the basis of affiliation. It will further help me to introspect myself within the inclusive culture. In terms of working with my own biases and prejudices, this aspect will help me to unlearn and relearn. In a diverse country like ours, the representation of marginalized individuals will be one of the foremost mottos of my work. Their empowerment will be a part of my own career goal. Since I want to work in the social sector, there will be plenty of opportunities for making them a reality. Several people from different departments and skills will be considered to mobilize themselves, economically.

Therapeutic alliances often help us to heal from generational trauma, where the diverse population can actually come together and narrate their stories. It will be my duty to listen to them with due diligence and create a safe space for them. While having a conversation with them, I will also be able to work on my own issues and bring a needed fellow feeling with them. Respecting diversified people will help me know and understand the different approaches to decision-making and problem-solving. It will broaden my perspective to thrive for a better future and secure life for all. The approach will work through the mode of acceptance and affection, where there will be mutual respect. The inclusive culture will further the activism space with voices from different corners.

Reference: (2011) 10 Ways to Respect Diversity in the Workplace Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 12th Sept, 2011]

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