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PSY 215- 8-1 Discussion Setting Healthy Professional Boundaries

Aug 7, 2023

Answer the following questions.

1. People have varying levels of sensitivity when it comes to their personal boundaries, as well as how those boundaries transfer to the workplace. What strategies might you use in identifying personal and professional boundaries in others?

Healthy boundaries can be described as a relationship, where someone is closely involved in a relationship but at the same time, they also have the right to say no when they don’t want anything to happen (Shemtob, 2022, p.50).

The strategy I liked to use in identifying the personal and professional boundaries in others is, I don’t want to get involved much in other’s life. It is very commonly seen in the workplace that colleagues show much interest in knowing your personal life, I always provide them that much space, and I never got much involved or ask many questions about their personal life. I only prefer to listen to the extent to which they want to share. I never spoke to them to open up about their personal life and also do not show much curiosity and interest.

2. How can setting healthy professional boundaries help you maintain your identity in the workplace?

I believe that the more the people in your workplace will get to know about you the more they will be able to judge you. It has both advantages and disadvantages and depends hugely upon the subjective perspectives of the individuals. Some can positively judge you and can praise you, while on the other hand if someone negatively judges you it will be prone to criticism. This is very vulnerable because this criticism can lead to anxiety, stress, and demotivation and can harm a healthy relationship. All this can lead to disturbance and can have a bad effect on your identity so it’s better to keep healthy personal boundaries with others.  

3. Other than the professional setting, what specific areas in your life do you set boundaries for?

The specific area where I set boundaries is while making friends and other attachments with them. I take a lot of time in getting to know others and making them friends, as studies have shown that a minimum boundary or space in a relationship is always beneficial for maintaining a healthy life.

4. What is the connection between setting boundaries and mental health?

Studies have reported that boundaries can lead to the establishment of positive health and mental wellbeings in the life of an individual (Cleary et al. 2020, p.174). It is quite obvious if you can say no to something which you don’t like, it will give you mental peace of satisfaction. Otherwise, if you do something going against the will of your mind this could lead to the feeling of being compromised, disrespected, stressed, low self-esteemed, emotional physical, and mental imbalance.

5. How does the concept of setting healthy boundaries apply to any of the following programmatic themes? You may want to review the programmatic themes. 


Social justice

Emotional intelligence

Career connections


The programmatic theme which I like to adopt for this discussion is self-care and ethics. Self-care is the best way to get to know your strength and weakness, the unconscious and conscious desires of the individuals. The more, one is aware of the self the more one can create and maintain healthy boundaries. Another thing I also like to highlight here is ethics, as somewhere the extents of boundaries are hugely dependent upon the personal rules and ethics of individuals.


Cleary, M., Schafer, C., McLean, L., & Visentin, D. C. (2020). Mental health and well-being in the health workplace. Issues in Mental Health Nursing41(2), 172-175.

Shemtob, L. (2022). Workplace politics and new boundaries in company culture. Occupational Medicine72(1), 50-50.

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