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PSY 2003- Reaction Paper

Aug 22, 2023

Type a +5 page paper (including the references pe.) reaction of the information you discovered thou a minimum of 2 videos and the text. The conclusion should include your thoughts and reaction to the analysis. What does this information mean to you? How can you use this information in your personal and/or professional life? ‘You may choose your own videos but the following videos will be available in the Taft College library. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

A Place at the Table

Take the Lead

Akeelah and the Bee

Waiting for Superman

Pay It Forward

Mad Hot Ballroom

Pursuit of Happiness.

Reaction Paper

Children are the most auspicious resources on Earth as they mark the possibility of the continuation of the human race on Earth. The developmental phases of children are crucial to make transforming the world into a better place for living. However, there is a number of factors that determines the healthy development of the child. 

The last decade of the twentieth century has seen an increased interest of the world leaders in alleviating the health and the mental status of children across the world and identifying the potential physical as well as the mental barrier that affects the all-around development of children. Child development refers to the sequential development of the child including moral and physical development (, 2022). Although physical development depends largely on the nutrition level of the child the moral and mental development of the child depends largely on the culture, socio-economic background, politics, and the historical events influencing the growing years of a child. It is evident from the studies that the well-being of children depends largely on the wider societal aspects including economic and political factors as well (, 2022).

Movies such as “A boy in the Stripped Pyjamas” explore the political implications of the historical events on the life of a child. Another movie that has fascinated me the most is “Pursuit of Happiness” which shows the struggle of a father to raise his child and maintain a good life as well. These movies well indicate the influences of the political and economic factors on the life of a child and how a child perceives these factors and gets influenced by these social factors. In the following sections of the reaction, I will discuss my thoughts and conclusions on watching the movies and Their implications on my personal and professional life.

Reaction to the “Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas”

The plot of the movie revolves around a beautiful friendship between two little boys who are brought close to each other by the political scenario of war in Nazi Germany. The movie shows the unique bond of love between two innocent young people who are not driven by the existing prejudices and are ignorant about the political scenario in which they are growing. In the backdrop of world war II, the movie revolves around a little boy who is a son of a Nazi commander posted to supervise the concentration camps in Poland. Bruno the little boy of the Nazi commander felt lonely without his friends in Berlin and became morose. These emotional factors drove him to set out and wander the surroundings of his house when he accidentally finds an area guarded by wires. His loneliness drives him to the place every day where he finds a friend on the other side of the fencing (, 2022). Shmuel who was the victim of the Holocaust was brought to the concentration camps as a slave. Their friendship grew whose consequences were disastrous.

This movie showed the world the innate ability of innocent children to make friends irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or culture. Although both the young boys were facing the oppression of the different dimensions altogether the grievances in their respective lives had brought them together and bound them with a strong bond of friendship. There is a sense of loyalty in the friendship of the two young boys. This is quite evident in the movie when Bruno defends his friend against the hate-mongering speech of his father by declaring that Shmuel is his friend. Shmuel never holds Bruno responsible for his father’s Behavior. This proves another aspect of the innocent minds that they are able to forgive and forget easily. This is one of the art that adults have almost forgotten which continues to give rise to disastrous consequences in the world.

Reaction to “The Pursuit of Happiness”

This is a movie depicting the unconditional love of a father for his child. The movie is picturized against the strained economic conditions that Chris Gardner and Linda face while running their family. Linda works double shifts to earn a living. However, Gardner to some bad moves and bad luck was forced to leave his apartment along with his child. Already bereaved of Linda life was tough when he became homeless with his 5-year-old child. The real struggle begins here (, 2006). It is a beautiful movie that shows the strength of bonding between a father and his son.

As Chris is compelled to move onto various locations with his child, the movie shows the endeavor of a father to protect himself and his child. As the problems build up in his life Gardener strives hard to work and is determined that his hard work will pay him off one day (, 2022). The movie instills a sense of positivity within the viewers and states that whatever may be the reason, one should never stop trying. Determination remains the fundamental theme of the movie in which Gardener works hard to earn a decent living for himself and his child.

Most of us would surrender in such difficult times if we become homeless, unhappy, and unsuccessful but Chris shows that the hurdles of life can actually be turned into the merit life by not giving up and continuously working for betterment to achieve excellence. The movie depicts that although Chris became homeless in the beginning he never became hopeless which ultimately pays him off in the end.


Both the movies are the top-rated movies in Hollywood and show different dimensions of human life. The movie. “A Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas” depicts the influence of ever-changing politics on the life of young children. Although it displays some of the cruelties of history underneath the movie explores the dimensions of a beautiful friendship that knows no bond. Well addressed by the movie that in a relationship driven by innocent friendship one can go up to any extent to make each other’s life happier. Children are innocent and are unaware of the prejudices that are present in society. Their decisions are unbiased and full of mindfulness which we the adults must incorporate into their life. Professionally I must try to get rid of the prejudices that might hamper my ability to deliver my profession effectively.

The movie “Pursuit of Happiness” shows us how it is important to peruse happiness while remaining positive and determined to fight all the odds of life. This is a strong message which I must follow to achieve success in life. Ups and downs are a part of life but the fact how we deal with it makes the difference. It is rather important to learn from the experiences of life and never repeat the mistakes. Another important aspect is to try our luck at times accompanied by hard work and dedication. All these qualities if inculcated properly along with moral values, life will surely turn right and meaningful.

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