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ESE 610- Week 1: Activity Dolly Davis

Aug 24, 2023


Dolly Davis is a fourth-grade teacher who has set up her social studies activities on a mastery learning basis. Students are allowed to work through most of their social studies assignments at their speed. Much of the social studies program in Dolly’s class is based on reading assignments, so students can move at their own pace. When students believe they are ready to demonstrate mastery of the social studies skills and knowledge Dolly has described in written documents she distributes early in the school year, students set up an oral assessment. Dolly then spends 10 to 15 minutes presenting a series of short-answer items students must answer orally. So students do not discover from previously assessed students what the items on the assessment are, Dolly selects items at random from a pool of nearly 50 items for each of the four major social studies assessments during the year. Although most students seem to appreciate Dolly’s willingness to let them be assessed when they’re ready, several students have complained that they “got a harder test” than some of their classmates. The dissatisfied students have encouraged Dolly to retain her mastery learning model but to assess all students at the same time. Dolly is deciding whether to maintain her on-call oral assessments or to revert to her former practice of written examinations administered to the entire class at the same time.

If you were Dolly, what would your decision be and why? Please reference readings and cite appropriately. Your response should be BETWEEN 250-300 words

Week 1: Activity Dolly Davis

Based on the above analysis, Dolly Davis is the teacher of the fourth standard who sets forth some special studies for her students related to social studies as well as activities while developing a mastery learning system. Here, the learning system mainly disclosed the different students with different ideas. Some students felt the test to be harder, but they were able to develop themselves for oral assessment only. On the other hand, most of the students seemed to appreciate the approach of Dolly and were willing to write the project.  If I were Dolly then I shall decide based on the student’s needs with a learning style. This answer is based on the detailed idea about Teacher Dolly. Moreover, this is based on the details that revolve around her skills which are reading and writing the assignments. However, in my view, I would want to disclose the prime factors that the students who do not prefer any oral assessment and eventually the students who are willing to do the same.

Therefore, here the teacher Dolly must be placed on an equal strategy and fair terms to let the students make decisions about the type of related assessment they want. It is not based on spoiling the students to do whatever they want by actually letting them enhance their skills in the same manner. They have a grade which is four as they are starting up various discoveries so that they can enhance their skills and talents.

Moreover, as compared to the scenario, I would want to disclose the fact related to the topic, that Teacher Dolly requires to follow the division method among her students to maintain consistency within the class. Hence, dividing her students would have helped her to learn about the qualities of her students. Teacher Dolly then required them to raise their hand if they had any sort of different type of assessment they wanted to conduct. Thus, teacher Dolly can eventually divide all, and can eventually make development within each group. Thus, they are required to go on for the assessment which can be graded later, according to the need. Alternatively, I think that people should remember that this assessment should be done related to the teaching facilities not just thinking about how to take tests from the teachers related to understanding the ability of the students whether they can write or say things orally. Therefore, dividing the students in the classroom, as all the students are very small, as they only belong to the fourth grade. Hence, class assessments are really helpful which would have helped the teachers as well as students to get an education, comparing themselves with the assessment with no reason to be existing in the classroom.    

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