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PSCI 2010- DB 5: Congress and the Presidency

Aug 8, 2023

DB 5: Congress and the Presidency

For this discussion board, I want you to think about what we might call the balance of power between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. Here is a bit of background information: At times in our history, Congress was a dominant institution, and the Presidency for the most part responded to Congressional initiatives.  Times of crisis always tend to empower the executive for a short time, but when America’s role in the world was much less than it has been for the past century, Congress wielded agenda-setting power more so than the president. As the 20th century progressed, the country became more urbanized, more wealthy, and a world power. The responsibilities required to manage a growing federal government shifted primarily to the president, especially during World War I, World War II, and through a great deal of the Cold War (1949-91). Congress balanced against the president in the 1990s, but the attacks of 9/11/2001 and the subsequent security policies have favored executive power over legislative power.

The question: Do you support a relationship between the two institutions that is overall dominated by Congress, dominated by the Presidency, or one in which there is a fairly equal balance between the two? When I use the term “dominant” or “dominated,” I do not mean a situation in which one institution has all power and the other is irrelevant. It is never an all-or-nothing situation in politics. Rather, I mean a situation in which one institution or the other is dominant in deciding which issues are most important, interacting with the public, and setting the agenda for how issues are addressed by the government. Are there certain times in which one institution should be dominant? Or are there certain issues in which one or the other institution should be dominant?  Explain your answer as clearly and with as great a degree of detail as possible. Refer to specific examples to illustrate your main points in a 300-550 word essay, roughly.

Relationship between two institutions which is dominated by Congress or Presidency

Two fundamental institutions of the USA are the legislative and executive institutions. It is generally considered that executive power has been favored over legislative power. Basically, Congress is the dominant institution but the presidency has dynamics based on congressional initiatives. During the time of national issues, the empowerment of the executive is conducted. Congress has two institutions and these are the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is essential to consider the function of Congress and these are educating the public, helping constituents, performing oversight, representing the people, and law-making. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party dominated the Congress based on opportunities. 

The president’s link with Congress is important to the politics of the USA. Federalism and the Constitution depend on the president and Congress for executions for the progression of the USA. Congress can either provide or not potential presidential authorizations. It is an indication of a positive political relationship when Congress executes in the absence of issues. Like Clinton, the Democrat had to conduct with Republican-dominated Congress for two terms of official executions. President Bush has to execute with a senate that was formulated of the majority which is a republic. J Jeffords has altered from Republican to Independent. 

Congress also provided help to the nominees of the president for the Supreme Court and executive office. For the passing of bills, the president favors a positive relationship with Congress. No president can dilute political executions with Congress. After the backroom debate, many important bills are being ratified by Congress. In general consideration, congress and the president have importance based on rules of bargaining when the bill is controversial. The example based on Clinton’s problems with Congress which is called the Lewinsky affair can provide conceptualization. The president of the USA is seen as immoral and unethical whereas the Republicans in Congress are seen as having only one need from this execution (, 2021).  

It is essential to understand the reason for the separation of legislative and executive. It can provide fluctuations in the power of the prescient. A Republican prescient with a Democrat possessed by Congress involves issues based on loyalty and partisan. In this case, the opposite is true. A Democrat president with a Democrat possessed by Congress cannot ensure their help as they are important regional representatives who are linked to the votes of the representatives. The president’s declaration cannot be satisfying for the rural individuals of the USA. It provides the president and Congress to execute their work through the process of bargaining. If Congress had not provided the presidential push for maximizing the financial resources of defense of the USA, then it can be a blame game. In November 2002, all houses and 1/3rd of the senate were urged for re-election. President Bush’s maximization of financial resources which is a gross of 355 billion US dollars was provided with 95 votes to 3 in a clear sign of unification of the white house and Congress. It can be considered that both institutions are dominant in nature and it is depending on the potentials and opportunities. It is also required to regard that both institutions have proportionate powers. 

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