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POLS 4200- Week 8 Discussion: Past and Present Issues with Nonprofit Organizations

Aug 11, 2023

Nonprofit Management: A Social Justice Approach, pages 23-34.

Instructions for this Discussion

Read Chapter 3 – Past and Present Issues with Nonprofit Organizations, pages 23 – 34 in eBook Nonprofit Management: A Social Justice Approach.  The authors highlight the significance of social justice in the historical and modern missions of nonprofit organizations. Do you think there is significance and a need for nonprofits to engage in social justice? Why or why not? If so, select a social justice policy issue and explain why it is worthy of nonprofit work.

Your initial response to this discussion should be at least 500 words in length. Be careful to cite sources appropriately.

Week 8 Discussion

Chapter three is actually informative appear deals with an analysis of the present issues and learning about the non-profit organization. This chapter has helped me to accelerate with the ideas based on the non-profit management to under the social justice and its approach within that requires to be mitigated. Thus, this chapter is significant because this helps the readers to analyze how non-profit organizations are facing severe impact. Apart from this, the non-profit organizations have mainly focused on the social issues and the crimes which are increasing at an alarming rate but it is not been reported to the police.  

Therefore, I would like to mention one of the non-profit organizations, which has its hotline number available because it monitors the rate of sexual assault, rape, incest as well as molestation taking place within the women within the community. Thus, RAINN is one of the non-profit organizations that work 24/7 service to the people who are victims of rape or brutal sexual assaults. Thus, RAINN tries to regain the idea and monitors the basic needs that focus on the fact to give proper protection to all rape victims and justice from the Supreme Court of the United States.

The author tried to highlight social justice based on the non-profit organizations, where the individuals and the organizational fights took place against injustice while promoting an equality system, followed by a structure, an institution in the United States. Thus, the system of organizing a policy, along with activism mainly engages all the members within the society so that they can record the actions that have been taken towards the victims or learn about the root cause of the problem. Therefore, the mission of social justice in the non-profit organization I mainly based on the theory, to promote fairness and equity across society in order to monitor ad provide wellness to the crimes taking place. Not only crime but also social justice aims at developing an economic equilibrium, with proper educational opportunities and employment in the workplace (Lee 2016). Therefore, it is very important to develop the safety and security of all individuals and members of the community.

Apart from this, I think that it is significant to learn about the need for non-profit organizations because they play a vital role in order to make social change. Therefore, this eventually focuses on the rising of financial and moral support while giving about the visual effect that has marginalized the communities along with organizing the activist campaign. Apart from this the significance of the non-profit organization mainly focuses on the theory that records and monitors society so that people can live an easy life together and can eventually exercise their own collective voices.  

Apart from this, as declared by Roosevelt eventually developed the criteria based on the Second Bill of Rights made under the United States Constitution, with the Declaration on Human Rights. As a result, this chapter helped me to learn the detail and significance of implementing the non-profit organization, in order to rescue from homicide or criminalization. Therefore, the American Bar Association and the International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies are endorsed with giving proper justice to the people so that they can achieve their requirements based on the theory to work with non-profit organizations in order to get social justice. This can be concluded that non-profit organization takes up the policy to improve the decorum of the community because this helps the people within the society to be aware of the situation and every criminal attempt is reported to the police.


Lee, J. S. (2016). Past and present issues with non-profit organizations. Nonprofit Management: A Social Justice Approach, 23.


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