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POLS 4200- Module 8 Assignment-Final Term Paper

Aug 7, 2023

Module 8 Assignment-Final Term Paper


Assignment Instructions

Final Term Paper

There are two options to choose from for the final term paper assignment.

Option 1: Build an ideal government agency or non-profit organization using perspectives learned throughout the semester. Include clear connections between all course learning objectives and module perspectives while engaging in analysis in your paper.

Option 2: Take an already existing government agency or non-profit organization using perspectives learned throughout the semester and provide suggestions on how the organization could fix perceived or real problems that it is having. Include clear connections between all course learning objectives and module perspectives while engaging in analysis in your paper.

Paper Requirements:

This paper should be double-spaced, size 12 point, Times New Roman font, include a title page, and follow APA guidelines.  

Note 1: You should consider creating a thesis statement in the introduction of the term paper, regardless of the aforementioned option selected. In essence, the thesis introduces the main

perspective of your term paper. Additionally, students should consider explaining the purpose and reasoning for research and analysis pertaining to the aforementioned option selected.

Module 8 Assignment-Final Term Paper

Option 2: Take an already existing government agency or non-profit organization using perspectives learned throughout the semester and provide suggestions on how the organization could fix perceived or real problems that it is having. Include clear connections between all course learning objectives and module perspectives while engaging in analysis in your paper.

Thesis statement: The objective of this paper is to analyze the government agency or non-profit organizations that take up challenges to provide a safe environment within society.  


This time I have been selecting the largest global anti-sexual violence organization from the United States. This is considered to be one of the biggest non-profit organizations that stand after rape victims and try to bring justice to the people. Therefore, RAINN requires work based on the recognition as the media states that it is been developed by Congress members to help rape victims, while they are independent groups that develop the leaders to be developed into a non-profit organization. RAINN is an American non-profit anti-sexual assault organization, which is recognized to be one of the largest organizations which is involved in bringing justice to the women who have to be raped at a daily rate.  This is one of the reputed organizations that deals with the cases and develops programs so that the victim can come out from the severe problem. This organization made a list, that stated that every 68 seconds, American women along with men are sexually assaulted. Thus, this mostly liked the safety and the security that is required to be given to the victims so that they can come out from the traumatic situation.

Reports generated by the American Medical Association, basically sexual violence, rape, or even incest are looked at by this non-profit organization. Thus, RAINN particularly focuses on reducing the number of rape crimes, ad bringing safety to society. Apart from this, RAINN has developed initiatives they can develop a safer society and community. As reports mentioned that sexual abuse like rape, workplace molestation, and incest are the most under-reported violent crimes. RAINN assisted the individuals, who reported that rape is one of the under-reported violent crimes taking place in the United States, thus, people can call their helpline or hotline number so that they can get proper assistance against the crime that took place with them. Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) is an American-based Non-profit anti-sexual assault organization that is one of the largest in the United States. Moreover, RAINN has discovered that individuals who are raped or their families do not conduct reports to the police, because this includes the fear that believed to be ashamed, to be from insecurity, thus, they might get feared of getting into trouble in the future. Therefore, they have been operating several rapes cases, abuses within the family or in the workplace, molestation, or even brutal cases faced by them so that their programs can help the victims to realize that rape has not yet finished their lives, and rapist is to be considered as one of the biggest criminals. Thus, the services which they provide to all the people around the globe are basically based on the note of safety and credential services to learn how the victim hall react or learn about the mental condition of the people.

Purpose and reasoning

The main purpose of RAINN is to recognize the media, along with the members of Congress with an independent watchdog based on the groups which are responsible for leaders among the non-profit organizations. Thus, RAINN led to getting deprived of the fights in order to create a successful re-authorization to mitigate sexual harassment.

Being a non-profit organization, this has developed its own National Assault Hotline, which is available 24 hours, with a toll-free phone number, that routes the callers if any sexual assault has helped, as they are service providers. Therefore, the main purpose of their services is to provide guidance to all the victims and keep them with assistance so that the victims are deprived of their situation and can also help them to overcome the situation which they went through. Thus, they have been stating that one of the miscellaneous disorders taking place within the American community, is actually the fault of incest. Incest is another crime that is taking place within American society, mainly among the African American Community. Thus, this often leads to early pregnancy, depression, anxiety, and fear in the case of the children who are often involved in this because, they are scared to take their name, to the police. Thus, this sort of crime is taking place at a daily rate.

Here, I would like mentioning about the novel “Push” by Sapphire. This story narrated an incest taking place between a father and his own daughter since she was a child. This story narrates how Precious got pregnant twice from her father when she was just 16 years old. Apart from this, the story even states how horrific the life Precious had to go through. Moreover, she never had the guts to claim about his father to the police. Hence, these sorts of cases are taking place at a daily rate, so every year RAINN has been sponsoring an awareness campaign in order to gear up the audience to provide safety to all women. Thus, RAINN narrates that they even stand for the prostitutes, who are also raped and have to face horrific death. However, they are responsible for the prostitutes too, so that men with the monster mind can get some awareness about respecting women. Apart from this, the main purpose of RAINN is to raise awareness while educating society, and the students so that they can also learn about the sexual violence that is taking place. Alternatively, they even stood for the bystander interventions and provide the recovery resources along with college campuses. Thus, this campus mainly aims at spreading awareness and coinciding with Sexual Assault Awareness.               


RAINN is the largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN mainly aims at giving facilities based on partnership to deal with the people, so that the rape victims or the sexually abused women or men can be saved. Therefore, in this analysis, I would like to mention that local sexual assault services are based on the providers, that operate with DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defence. Thus, RAINN mainly carries on with the programs that can prevent sexual violence, help the victims to survive, and mainly ensure the perpetrators while bringing out justice for all the victims.

The organisation was formed by Scott Berkowitz which leads to the development of a talented team with an expert who can develop the victim’s services, based on providing communication and learning about public policy. Thus, the CEO mentioned that RAINN is one of the largest organizations that helps to develop expert ideas to reduce sexual harassment and prevent sexual violence.  

Annotated Bibliography

Morse, A. D., McFarland, K., & Close, N. (2019). Monitoring Sexual Violence Visits in Emergency Department Data to Improve Public Health. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics11(1).

This article is mainly based on learning about the statistical data which has helped to calculate the ratio of sexual harassment cases. Therefore, this article has helped me to learn through its objectives how a characteristic of sexual violence is increasing in the United States and how Non-profit organizations are developing themselves so that victims can get proper welfare and justice. Therefore, this article mentioned how sexual harassment is recognized to be a public offense, to whosoever is the victim.

Apart from this, this article is mainly based on the theory, of sexual violence to learn about the pressing health and give safety. Thus, RAINN aims to focus on acting like a hotline hat based on preventing sexual violence, incest, and rape, so that they can ensure the rapist can bring justice to the victims.

Therefore, the criminal doing them shall receive a death penalty or a life sentence because of their attempted crime. Thus, RAINN organization is developing various aspects and all the other non-profit organizations are developing themselves so that they can learn about sexual violence, that can press public health, and learn about the safety issues of women, in their workplace, in society, while they are coming down to their home, or even being under-aged. Rape is one of the most brutal criteria taking place among women on a global note (Rainn.Org 2021).

Apart from this, this article mentions sexual violence that is pressed with public health and safety issues, while this article even monitors the population that tends with precision. Perhaps, this article eventually articulated that approximately 31% of sexual incidents are reported to be violent and they are enforced with the law and legal annotations. Therefore, statistical reports have mentioned that only 5% out of them are realized to be arrested on the note of female sexual violence (Morse et al. 2019).

Implementing the act of law enforcement has helped in developing a challenge so that they can make use of the statistical data based on this challenging situation. Based on the syndromic surveillance data based on the emergency note based on the department provides an opportunity that mainly seeks care for more sexual violence that often introduces an additional burden to the patients and the health care providers. Therefore, NGOs are granting more supervision so that the health care system can be improved so that they can bring back the initial health system to the rape victims. Apart from this, sexually abused female, who died due to serve physical deterioration, is because of the insertion of brutal objects in their body, which the human body cannot permit. On the other hand, RAINN takes the case of the victims, who are sexually assaulted and happen to be pregnant, which causes complications to the female body. Thus, government agencies and NGOs are taking up the initiatives so that sexual assault can be mitigated and women can survive independently.

 Apart from this, implementing ideas from this article can help rescue rape victims while they are incorporated with rape assault. Thus, this article has articulated that using the National Syndromic Surveillance Program (NSSP), an electronic surveillance system that can notify the community about the epidemics while incorporating goodwill so that none of the females from society are raped, even sex workers are also being raped brutally and they are killed cruelly.

Hence, this article also focuses to assist the rape victims, so that all the healthcare sectors are developed with an emergency department so that the rape victims can get assistance and can get support to live again. Therefore, interference of the media is regarded as one of the worse impacts which can even lead to the depressive insight of the rape victims, hence, this can cause many victims even to attempt sexual attempts. Apart from this, sexual violence can also cause several sexually transmitted diseases, in both men and women.

Hence, rape can be considered to be one of the greatest impacts to develop HIV positive or causing any sexually transmitted disease can pass through sexual violence. Therefore, this article negotiates with the topic which is related to the fact that the State Department of Health has created the fact that sexual violence is done on an emergency note uses data that creates a combination to develop a diagnostic, under ICD-10 codes, wonder the chief complaint of the terms that are used to be like a sexual violence visits. Therefore, this article mainly focuses on how to mitigate sexual violence which needs to be stopped.     

Plan Requirements: the results have focused on the queries, that mainly identifies more than 1550 female approximately, who have to face sexual violence, by the year 2017. Therefore, Female patients, mainly patients under age go through a brutal mentality to receive the news that they are pregnant at an early age. Thus, RAINN has introduced several measures in order to mitigate sexual assault done to women. The use of DNA evidence from the crime is collected from the crime scene and found on the clothes, the body, and different personal belonging.

Therefore, RAINN even uses the rape kit to analyze the semen so that this can be sent to the forensic report and can be brought out knowledge about the semen and how enforced sex has been done. Therefore, the government has to be more regulated so that they can offer a good style of order so that females can get safe. RAINN being one of the best organizations happens to be filled with the idea that police shall always try to develop themselves so that they can aid the people who are rape victims (Rainn.Org 2021).

Therefore, this semester I have learned how to help the people who are raped brutally. Apart from this, the Supreme Court of the United States has mentioned in its book about rape criminals that they shall receive the death penalty when they commit sexual harassment. Therefore, several rules are developed by the public service management so that they can stand by the rape victims.

Implementing the Violence Against Women Act is recognized as sexual assault to examine the sexual rape statistics to create an anti-rape society, where all females, children under age, and even sex workers. Plan and develop a measure so that healthcare facilities are given to the victims with proper care and training from the nurses.    

Purpose of a term paper:

The main purpose of the paper is to focus on the factors that lead to the increasing number of sexually committed acts. There are several victims across the world who are facing this trouble. Thus, this paper focuses on the fact of how Non-profit organizations and NGOs are taking up the initiatives so that sexually committed assault can be lessened. Apart from this, government agencies are developing several measures to mitigate the victims’ ailments once they are raped. Apart from this, RAINN is one of the world’s biggest NGOs whose work is to plan programs for rape victims and give them proper assistance and provide proper healthcare facilities (Gard 2018)  

Significance of term paper:

The significance of the term paper is mainly based on developing my knowledge so this has helped me to articulate how I have developed myself in this semester. In this context, I have also learned about the idea based on the consequences which are faced by the female. As there are several women who have to face severity because of a sexual offense. Therefore, as result reports have developed the measure that the woman can file a writ against her criminal where the court shall take up the decision and punish the individual under the Women Act. Anti-sexual programs are deprived to bring forth dedication among the people so that they do not feel harassed and developed the motivation to re-live. Apart from this, this kind of situation often makes one be anxious and depressed, but this paper is to show how rape victims can also recover from their present situation. Therefore, unlike government or non-profit organizations, the service providers who answer calls in the hotline numbers are affiliates under RAINN.


The method which is taken is based on secondary data and websites in order to gather information about the government as well as the NGOs in order to find the information about the term paper. Therefore, this paper mainly focuses on bringing justice to the number of people, who all are focused on learning about rape victims. Therefore, this paper focuses on bringing a solution to develop an anti-rape scenario so that I can help society learn about the harshness one woman had to face when they are raped.


Gard, L. (2018). Speaking about the Unspeakable: Sexual Violence in Young Adult Literature.

Morse, A. D., McFarland, K., & Close, N. (2019). Monitoring Sexual Violence Visits in Emergency Department Data to Improve Public Health. Online Journal of Public Health Informatics11(1).

Rainn.Org (2021). RAINN. Retrieved from [Retrieved February 4, 2022]

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