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POLS 4200- Module 7 Assignment

Aug 11, 2023


Assignment Instructions

Provide a summary of the required module readings.  Be sure to discuss and analyze key perspectives from Module 7 readings. Include in your discussion a clear linkage between key perspectives and at least the following learning objectives: An understanding of the role and responsibilities of government organizations in society; and an insight into the workings of public agencies.

Module 7 Assignment

To understand the role and responsibilities of government organizations in society and to learn insight into the workings of public agencies these articles play a vital role as this leads to developing the idea based on the idea which is likely to recognize the significance of the government organization within the society. Therefore, governmental organizations are truly believed to deprive of their role in order to protect society along with the welfare of the people. Thus, democracy is recognized as a form of government that actually rests on a particular process while following a procedure to help all the citizens within the nation. Thus, the government creates a rule where all the citizens exercise a significant role under the public policy to bring sovereignty to the nation.

Moreover, democracy can be classified as a policy that can be taken as a choice for public power. Thus, the government embodies an authority along with a power to facilitate all the citizens so that they can get all the needs they are required to make, by public officials to follow the needs and the wants of the citizen within the nation. Therefore, based on the Preamble of Georgia, the Constitution mainly focuses on analyzing free government in order to promote the interest of its citizens (Marshall p. 72). Alternatively, the governmental agencies take up the part so that they can rely upon the creating protective act, for the welfare and safety of the citizens.

None of the citizens of the nations shall be facing discrimination, on any ground be it the racial ground or the sexual gap. Thus, it is considered to be the duty of the government to pertain with the fact that this institution is responsible for providing proper security to its people, along with providing sanitation services, health care facilities, proper medication to all the citizens as well as giving food facilities when they are in need of drought, flood, famine or any natural or man-made disasters. Therefore, the military and the defense have to be so trying that the government can take up the initiative to enroll the people for the sake of developing a democratic nation.

Moreover, the government has to be changed because of the construction of the previous governmental system. The government was not democratic before, because the leaders actually followed the authoritarian society, therefore, for this reason, the wars were actually conducted within the society. However, the government before has been making discrimination based on the ruling on white supremacy, while discriminating the blacks or the Native Americans in the society. Women in society were also discriminated within the society, as they were only involved in doing household work while official work was meant for them. Therefore, the recent government is developed with the understanding and insight within the society to bring an equal position of men and women within the society.

The role and the responsibility of the government are to make order to develop a position for all the people, even the Black Americans to be considered as the citizen of the nation. Therefore, in order to change the strategies of the government, the Civil War Movement, actually based on the struggle for social justice that took place during the 1950s and the 1960s for Black Americans, in order to provide them gaining a proper solution to get equal rights under the legal system of United States. Therefore, in order to abolish slavery, the 13th Amendment was also commenced to abolish slavery. As before, blacks were likely to be slaves to the white people, who were involved under the legal system where the government took no initiative to protect the blacks, as they were treated like slaves.

Therefore, Module 7 has helped me to learn about the role and responsibilities of government organizations towards society, in order to provide facilities to the common people. Moreover, the insight in order bring justice within the nation by creating a democracy and a nation for all the citizens is a necessary thing that is required to be followed by the government in order to make improvements within the society. Thus, as the government pledges to dwell its leadership under the National Economic Plan to bring peace within the community and the society are as follows:

Stop racial discrimination: Reports suggests that there are several policies and system which is introduced by the government after the Civil Movement of War. Therefore the government has made several rules and regulations so that society and the community can take proper measures to stop racial discrimination. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the government based on the Federal and the state to take care of the people who were discriminated against on racial grounds (Franklin et al. p.115). Therefore, due to this reason, the United States Amendment has taken up special assistance in order to give proper education, health care facilities, sanitization as well as employment to the African Americans, or the native citizens of the US so that can also achieve equal rights in the urbanized nation of United Nation.

Women’s rights: Previously women were noted to be inferior within the society, so the government has taken up the initiative for women to get equal rights so that they do not feel inferior being within the society. Alternatively, the 14th Amendment was passed with the intention to release the female slaves. Later, it was the rule that women did not persuade to have the right to vote. Hereafter, the Constitution under the 19th Amendment mentioned the fact which states about Women’s Right to Vote.  

Voting Rights: Based on the Bill of Rights, the government plays a significant role in providing voting rights for all citizens in the nation. Therefore, the government is responsible for building up the theory so that all the citizens, can have the freedom to vote without any discrimination. Implementation of the 13th, 14th, and the 15th Amendment after the Civil War Movement have helped black Americans and women to get the empowerment to vote on their choice (Dobel p.112)     

Healthcare safety: Previously, proper African Americans, did not get proper healthcare facilities, so they often used to die. Reports mentioned that as they were slaves, they used to do hard work with rough schedules, but did not get proper medical treatment. Even in the case of the women, the mother used to give birth at home, so often the infant or the mother had to die. Thus, due to this reason, the government, in order to create a democratic nation, has developed the rule so that proper healthcare facilities can be fetched to the people in order to develop the society and its people. Thus, the medical structure has been improved, after the decision was taken up by the government to develop proper health care safety for all the citizens within the nation, without any discrimination, while decreasing the death of the infants and the mother.    

Democratic protection: Government shall take up the responsibilities so that the unemployed and discriminated Afro-American people shall get proper employment facilities within the nation, in order to develop their community. In this context, as the government is trying to create a democratic nation, thus, they have to follow the notions so that the people can get proper facilities within the nation. Improvements made by the government can be made by developing the roads, the schooling system, the transportation facilities, prior to sanitation, and electricity facilities for the people so that they can acquire a position within the society with proper justice. Thus, previously the crimes that were conducted mainly pointed towards the black community people, and they often used to get punishment on a brutal note. However, the police have to keep a track record of ongoing crimes like rape, murder, and illicit drug use so that the criminals are caught. Therefore, both community people shall get equal punishment and support.  

Module 7 has helped me to learn about reinventing government. Thus, based on the Industrial Revolution which spoiled the generated system it requires to be changed under the bureaucracy based on the problems that can be observed before. Thus, as the article mentioned that David Osborne and Ted Gaebler have argued about the standard of a program that actually sets out the government system towards the society, hence, they shall not take up any responsibilities.  

In this context, the First Amendment mainly helps the government to grant all rights for it which is free expression, petition, and assembly. This module helped me to analyze the guarantees that provide a basic foundation for the citizens so that they can attain calls based on the public officials. The primary means to identify and articulate the problems to public officials can be mitigated when things are regulated on a democratic note. On the other hand, this can be concluded that public administrators play a significant role in order to identify the problems which are faced within society (Krane p.35).

While the association who are involved in working in the public sector to aid the common people are fire fighters, medical health practitioners, educators, civil engineers, and so on are responsible to monitor along with taking up the initiative to report on the conditions of the government, to monitor the welfare of the people within the community. Thus, the government tries to focus on society through this insight and this profession in order to establish the standard of living.  Therefore, the government agencies and the public administrators, at the national level, are requested to monitor the societal conditions, so that they can provide welfare within the nation. However, the public administrators are responsible for reporting the issue which also includes the weather conditions for the sake to develop a democratic society while implementing a system that is made for the society.

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