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POLS 4200- Module 6 Assignment Summative Paper

Aug 4, 2023

Assignment Instructions
Provide a summary of the required module readings.  Be sure to discuss and analyze key perspectives from Module 6 readings and video clips. Include in your discussion a clear linkage between key perspectives and at least the following learning objective: An understanding of the role and responsibility of the government organization in society.

Module 6: Summative Paper

An understanding of the role and responsibility of the government organization in society
Government plays one of the significant roles, in order to develop all the possible assistance for all the citizens within the nation. The government should develop a regulatory development so that they can take up the roles in order to provide assistance to all the citizens within the nation. Perhaps the Constitution of the State of Georgia Preamble perpetuates the principles of creating a free government so that this can ensure justice for all the citizens, with a preserve peace, while promoting the interest and learning about the happiness of the citizens and their families. However, the Preamble of Georgia mainly focuses on the note that signifies the fact stating that the people of Georgia rely upon getting proper protection as well guidance under the care of the Almighty, in order to ordain as well as establish the rules and the responsibility of the government for the citizens.

The government has the responsibility and the capability to learn about the rights of the people, in order to find a solely good institution. Thus, in this case, the public officers, are under the trustees as well as the servants of all the people based on the amenable form (Franklin et al. p. 100). Thus, the Government is mainly instituted with protection, security along benefits for the people. Thus, the government is mainly differentiated between the legislative, the judicial, and the executive power, with the regulations and guidelines followed by the government.

Thus, the government has to gain the ability so they can anticipate the rising demand in order to learn about sustainable products as well as the services given to the citizens. Apart from this, government plays a significant role in order to create enforcement within the society, so that they can learn about the rules and regulations within the society. Thus, the government shall not only take care of the people but also focus on providing facilities for democracy (Franklin et al. p. 111). Moreover, the government plays a vital role, based on foreign affairs, to develop the economic structure along with creating control over the public services, so that they be controlled by the government. Therefore, Module 6 and the articles have helped me to learn the managerial process with the public organization which can be considered as a sole instrument in order to learn about the public interest, which is undertaken by the public agencies, with more mechanism and rationality.

Yet another significant role and responsibility of the government is to help people rescue from the disaster to learn about an emergency from natural or man-made disasters, which shall not be limited under the suspension from the Constitutional legislature based on the rules during the emergency. Thus, this module’s paper analysis mainly focuses on the fact that states that the government has its responsibility to accomplish public safety, hygiene, and education to learn about the goals of the democratic nation so that this can establish a proper nation where the citizens can owe their own Rights.
Previously, the government was made only for the whites, where the society was mainly based on white supremacy. After the Civil War, American society and its government took a huge turn based on the modern transition. Thus, this paper mainly focuses on the Bill of Rights or the voting rights that shall be given to all citizens under the principles of authentication, on a transformational note under the public service providers. Therefore, the government mainly pledges to work with the leadership to develop a National Economic Plan.

The roles and responsibilities that are required to be followed by the government in order to make development within the society are as follows:
Racial Equality: The government should develop a regulatory system in order to provide a better structure based on racial grounds. The government is responsible for taking care of the people so that they do not feel inferior in society. Apart from this, the government shall take up the initiative while developing a structured environment within the nation so that they shall not face discrimination within the society, for education purposes, or even at the workplace (Marshall et al. p. 65). Thus, the government is responsible for giving equal rights to all the people without discriminating them on racial grounds.

Religious freedom:

It is the responsibility of the government in order to develop the system so that all the citizens within the nature from other nations shall not get discriminated against and that the citizens can get religious freedom and can participate in any structure based on the freedom of religion. Thus, the government is responsible for focusing on the system to check that none of the individuals shall be molested on account of their religious opinions. Thus, the right of freedom of religion is construed to be an excuse act with licentiousness or while making a justification with an inconsistent peace and bring safety within the state.

Freedom of Speech:

The government is responsible for taking proper care of the system, which is learning about giving freedom of speech to all the citizens within the nation. Thus, the law is required to be passed in order to curtail or this can restrain giving freedom to all citizens whosoever wants to talk or write has to get the liberty on that note. Therefore, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Preamble declares the law in respect of establishing the religion, which often prohibits free exercise while abridging the citizens’ Freedom of Speech or press, or even giving the right to the people so that they can assemble to create a petition to the Government. Moreover, all of the people are liberal enough so that they can speak up, they can write what they wish to do, and have the ability to publish their sentiments based on their subjects while developing responsibility for the nation. Therefore, Freedom of speech is also recognized under Article 19 based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Franklin et al. p. 118).

Protection of the citizens:

Based on the First Amendment, the government shall create a democratic nation so that all citizens get proper protection and rights allocated to the Bill of Rights. Thus, the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution protects the basic freedom of all citizens in the United States. Thus, the Bill of Rights even protects the Freedom of speech and freedom of religion and also gives rights to all citizens so that they can keep and bear arms. Alternatively, they get the freedom to speak in assembly and the Freedom to Petition.

Developing voting rights:

Under the Bill of Rights, the government is required to play a role with responsibility so that all citizens get the right to vote, without any discrimination on racial or gender grounds. Thus, the 15th Amendment mainly prohibits discrimination, in an account of voting rights on racial grounds. As compared with this, the 19th Amendment mainly focuses on prohibiting discrimination on the voting grounds of sex, which means, both men and women get the right to vote (Womack p. 268).

Social Welfare:

The government shall take up the responsibilities based on learning about the revenues which can obtain about the necessities of life. Thus, social welfare mainly consists of the role played by the government in developing the roads, transportation facilities, health care services, and hospitals, implementing proper pipes, electricity, and education along with development required to make development within the Standard of living in case of all the citizens within the democratic nation.

Employment opportunities:

It is the right of the government to give employment to all the employees, who are not getting employed in any sector. Thus, as per the government rule, based on the rights of the democratic nation, the United States has changed its policies and guidelines in order to promote employment. Yet, the eligible candidates are responsible for getting jobs so that they can develop their livelihood to secure job opportunities. Apart from this, the government often collects funds, so that they can regulate by giving out subsidies to unemployed people.

Section II of the United States, states the origin and structure of the Government, the rights, as well as learning about its origination along with the people, based on founding the institution which is solely based on the public officers along with the trustees and the servants of the people to learn about the amenable self. The people of the state, as per the role and responsibility of the government, have the inherent right in order to regulate the internal government (Kellis et al. p. 138). Thus, the government is instituted based on creating protection, along with security, and developing a benefit for the people, so that they can get the rights to create an alter or make a reform based on the public benefit.

Thus, James Russel Lowell mentioned in his article about the role of the government towards society. Thus, he mentions that the American government mainly focuses on appreciating the rights and the responsibilities that require survival, with recognizing the liberties and the duties. Therefore, the government has to look forward while giving voting rights, paying taxes, or casting the educating votes, that serve the juries, while defending the country with an armed force, which leads to participation within the civic organization, which is important to learn about the continuation on the American constitutional republic.

Government plays a vital role in fostering the community of Georgia so that people get all the facilities and enjoy freedom as ruled by the Bill of Rights. Thus, Module 6 has helped me to articulate the roles and the responsibilities required to be followed by the government in order to help the citizens so that the citizen can address all their problems and they can have the liberty to get freedom on the basis of religion, racial grounds, based on equality and accelerated with proper education facilities and health care services. Therefore, the government shall take up the initiative to state about the citizens, so that they can secure the lives of the citizens while developing the responsibilities of its citizens while developing a democratic society.

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