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POLS 4200- Module 5 Discussion

Aug 18, 2023


    In, George et al. 2007. Discovering your Authentic Leadership. HBR the author writes, “When the 75 members of Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Advisory Council were asked to recommend the most important capability for leaders to develop, their answer was nearly unanimous: self-awareness.” Discuss how observations about self-awareness in the article relate to the principles of K&V’s Core Reflection model. Your initial post should be 150 – 200 words.

    Module 5 Discussion

    According to my observation from the article, self-awareness is related to the principles of K&V’s Core Reflection model. Self-awareness involves the individual going through experiences whether positive or negative. Self-awareness takes place when after going through the experiences the person examine that what they feel about the things happened and also learns from the experiences. Then the person will make a plan that will help them to experience the ideas that they have learned from their experiences and change their lives.

    Self-awareness helps the person to acknowledge more things about themselves and helps them to understand themselves better and try to implement the changes into their lives. Self-awareness about themselves helps the person to acknowledge their inner power and motivates them to bring changes in themselves (Geary & Xu, 2022, p.10).  The person has to go through the different core reflection models to learn how to tolerate the failures and the disappointment in the like and not to blame themselves or it.  If the person is self-aware about themselves and knows their positive and negative side then they can bring changes in their lives.


    Geary, D. C., & Xu, K. M. (2022). Evolution of Self-Awareness and the Cultural Emergence of Academic and Non-academic Self-Concepts. Educational Psychology Review, 1-27.

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