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POLS 4200-Module 4 Assignment: Summative Paper

Aug 2, 2023

Module 4 Assignment: Summative Paper

Assignment Instructions

Provide a summary of the required module readings.  Be sure to discuss and analyze key perspectives from Module 4 readings. Include in your discussion a clear linkage between key perspectives and at least the following learning objective: An understanding of the role and responsibilities of government organizations in society.

Paper Requirements:

This paper should be double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font.  This paper should be at least five pages in length (there are no maximum lengths for papers). 

Module 4 Assignment: Summative Paper

Government plays a significant role, as it is responsible to create and enforce the rules and regulations in society. The defense, foreign affairs, the economic structure, and learning about the public services, are all controlled by the government. The public administrative organization in the United States acts as a pillar of learning about democracy. Thus, Module 4 and the articles have helped me to learn about the management process based on the public organization which is solely instrumental to learning about the public interest, based on the public agencies to learn more about the mechanism of rationality. This module helped me to learn about public administration to learn about public management which thinks of the common people, their safety, and hygiene along with accomplishing a goal that allows all the citizens of the nation to get their own Rights.

It is the prime duty of the government to focus on the rules and regulations followed within the society. Government plays one of the significant role in order to develop a plan so that the people living within the society are secure and safe in their present situation. Therefore, based on the point of public administration, democracy is regarded as one of the most important chapters that develop public administration so that people can have different dimensions to get legal authority and life a good life (Bower 1977).

Therefore, public organizations have been focusing on the point that eventually mentions the administration to develop a legal-rational authority. Moreover, increasing the cases of all government officials are granted based on the Administrative Procedure Act that eventually allows collaboration on a direct basis with the leaders to learn about the potential circumstances under the public interest.

Alternatively, the government leaders can be taken as the public leaders, who can directly take part in the actions and make a proper decision. Therefore, another significant idea of the people based on the government is to focus on democracy, which is likely to be deprived of the “rule of the people”, thus, the public organizational theory mainly reflects the dynamics that represent the administrative institution with the role penetrating the societal governance.

Research has measured that after the Civil War, American society has its own transition into the modern form. As a result, this paper can be argued based on the establishment of the public leadership theory, which is supported under the three tenets, based on the principles of authentication, with transformational, distributed leadership, based on the public managers. Therefore, the new administration is pledged to the leadership that brings forth a federal government with a National Economic Plan (Yukl 2012).

Apart from this, energy and conservative policies are also deprived to be pressed under the Federal and State government. Therefore, the government has a significant role in political scientists, legislators, educators, business executives, and lawyers calling for better public management. Based on businessmen, requires special importance in order to feel the significance of the governmental institution which is required legal interactions (Kellis & Ran, 2013). Thus, a good government mainly requires understanding nature, to order to develop a way to achieve something based on the analysis. Thus, effective management in the public sector has certain basic qualities to learn the basic understanding with qualities on effective management in the private sector.

According to Marshall (2015), until the late 1880s, there was little national movement based on the national authority in order to regulate economic activity. Thus, the government played a vital role in fostering the business economic development as a result this took a stake to continue promoting the interests of business. Most importantly in order to be deprived of the made assumption on the period to learn about the natural equilibrium that would independently occur within the regulation. The apparent result is to learn about the political conditions to put forward an awkward position.

This article helped me to learn about the significance of responsibilities and the roles of government organizations which focuses on learning about the effect they give in order to protect society and provide democratic action. The government takes care of the military defense, the academic structure, the fire, and the police departments, the road construction, the social services, the health care of all the citizens, and the development of environmental protection.

The roles and responsibilities of the government and learning about the effectiveness of public administration are as follows:

Maintenance of law and order:  The prime duty of the government is to keep intact with society and maintain peace. Therefore, the maintenance of law is ensured through the police, and the armed forces, as compared with the court which promotes protection based on liberties based on individual society. Thus, society regulates as well as conducts the living within the society while punishing the offenders of the law

Protection of the citizens and the individual properties: It is the duty of the government to develop protection within the lives and the properties of the citizens, those who live within the country. Thus, the government sets rules and guidelines that ensure proper enjoyment based on the Right to live, and the Right to own and use their own properties.

Promoting democracy: The government has a duty to promote democracy as well as social justice, in order to give individual rights while enjoying them fully while realizing their potential (Nigerian 2019).   

Provision to social welfare: Based on the revenues that are obtained from the various resources harnessed by the government which are used or providing the necessities of life. thus, social welfare, mainly includes the development of roads, and hospitals, implementing the pipes and health care of the citizens, along with electricity, and giving proper education as well as services in order to make improvements in the standard of living of the citizens.  

Promoting economic development: thus, this is one of the significant duties of the government in order to pursue a good fiscal and deprive a good monetary policy. Hence, promoting economic development shall help in developing monetary policies which lead to accelerating economic growth and development.

Protection of Human Rights: Human rights are one of the prime things required to be followed by the government. Therefore, the government has its own rules and responsibilities to ensure fundamental human rights, in order to protect the citizens and their rights. Therefore, this could be done, because, this helps the government to be independent as well as adjudicate without fear or favor all the citizens as they are infringed on their rights. Government is responsible to create a democratic nation, that eventually helps in accelerating Fundamental Human Rights, in order to acknowledge the rights of all the citizens of the nation. Therefore, this shall help the people to participate in the welfare of the government.

Maintaining external affairs: The government of the nation is responsible to maintain a proper relationship with all the citizens of the nation. Apart from this, it is the prime duty of the government to develop good external relations with other nations and shall view them with respect and honor. Developing a good relationship with other countries shall ensure a peaceful co-existence between the United States along all the nations (Nigerian 2019).  

Promoting employment opportunities: It is the right of the government in order to provide proper employment to all those who are unemployed. Therefore, the phase faced during the Great Depression was one of the most significant eras that made many people remain unemployed. Therefore, in my opinion, the public administration was not that effective at that point in time, so the government did not follow democracy and made the people be unemployed. Therefore, the new rules and guidelines which is adopted by the present government usually helped the people of the United States to change its policies and guidelines. Therefore, nowadays the government is providing a livelihood ambiance so that eligible individuals can get secured employment. Moreover, these are often done when the government tries to give out subsidies while reducing the excise duties or the levied taxes.

This article helped me to learn about the public-private partnership based on other cooperative relationships with multiple divisions based on the government which requires an innovative approach made on a horizontal approach with a citizen-based oversight. Thus, this module article has helped me to learn about authentic leadership, to learn about the prototypical values of leadership theory, which creates a democratic space to focus on how the government is transparent, with its value for the people, its ethics, and its actions. the module has helped me to learn about the effectiveness of public administration and the significance of public management (Bower 1977).

Apart from this, these articles helped me to learn the significance of public organizations while ensuring quality-based services, given by the government to all the citizens of the nation so that United States citizens can never face any discrimination on the basis of their religion, racial grounds, and others. In my opinion, unlike society is converted to developing itself mainly for its civilians. Thus, the government has taken up the initiative to take proper care of society, with its rules and regulation, so that all the citizens of the society are secured and under the supervision of the duties, and they are required to learn about the citizens’ responsibilities within the society.  


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