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POLS 4200- Module 2 Discussion: Administrative Rules & Regulations

Jul 31, 2023

Module 2 Discussion

Discussion Documents

Content from The Federal Bureaucracy: Administering the Bureaucracy and the following web resources will help guide you in this week’s discussion: Regulations Websites

U.S. Government Accountability Office

The Federal Government’s Catalog of Regulations

Instructions for this Discussion

Review the various types of public organizations including Independent Executive agencies, Independent Regulatory agencies, Cabinet Departments, Government Corporations, and Presidential Commissions.

What is the role of each of the various types of public organizations? What organizations have the ability to create administrative rules? Review one of the websites above which contains a comprehensive list of proposed regulations. Pick one regulation that seems extreme and one regulation that appears necessary. Explain which regulations you selected and why?

Your initial response to this discussion should be at least 500 words in length. Be careful to cite sources appropriately.

Module 2 Discussion: Administrative Rules & Regulations

Reports and studies have mentioned the various roles played by public organizations. Based on this, Independent Executive Agencies, Independent Regulatory agencies, the cabinet Department, and Governmental Corporations along with the Presidential Commissions carry on with the various responsibilities. Therefore, the Independent Agency is likely to be appointed as the President. Thus, this focuses on the various range of responsibility. Alternatively, as compared with this, in the case of the Independent Regulatory Agency, which focuses on the creation made by Congress, to understand the regulation in some sectors. Apart from this, the Cabinet Department mainly focuses on administering the secretary while heading towards the important function based on the judicial part to learn about justice or the defense. Apart from this, in the case of the government corporation mainly based on the appointments made by the President to learn about what is been approved in the Cabinet, while this can also help to enquire the services based on the government based on the Federal Funds which can help the President make his operations. Perhaps, the United States, Presidential Commission is mainly based on the special tasks that often force the ordained made by the President in order to complete a specific, or made special investigation or research. Therefore, this can be developed based on the quasi-judicial in nature, which might include public and in-camera hearings.

In my opinion, I would like to mention that the Government Agencies and the Presidential Commissions mainly create an ability on a set of rules and regulations, in order to investigate while enforcing the standards. Therefore, the Presidential Commission mainly focuses on the Congress that appoints people. therefore, this helps to regulate a special task which is often forced by the President to complete a special investigation based on the research (Regulations.Gov. p. 46). Therefore, the Federal agencies help in creating the law based on the specific state agencies which are under the Federal level. Therefore, this helps to administer the understanding, to develop transportation, education, public health, and so on. Therefore, the Federal Government’s Catalogue of Regulation has the ability to find out the regulation based on the necessities. Therefore, this is based on the regulation, to learn about the Bill of Rights that will help in making improvements in the Mental Health State.

Therefore, studying the regulatory government has helped them to understand the negotiation made in terms of Medicare. Therefore, the newly added regulation, which is based on the income that is related to the monthly earning, is actually adjusted with the Medicare recipients. Thus, this can be analyzed as a positive side which can eventually help to reduce the amount based on the premium earning and a fixed income. Apart from, this, there is a possibility based on creating an ability that entitles communication while evaluating the claims made in disability, under Titles II and Titles XVI under the Social Security Act. Therefore, as per the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2021”, which is eventually based on why the woman chose to get an abortion to took whether she is raped., or having a financial disability, or even can be an endangered mother or the baby which is born a develop a severe disability. Therefore, it is extremely based on the act of abortion with the least partial insurance. Therefore, a person that agrees with the decision which is made on the decision of the woman, for making an abortion.  Therefore, research based on the regulation as well as the developed proposal is developed in order to seek information that women shall get proper safety and security after they have aborted the baby. Thus, there are several reasons, for which a woman takes up the decision to do an abortion. Yet, none should point to a woman if she is likely to do an abortion.

Works Cited

Regulations.Gov. Choice (Chicago, Ill.), vol. 46, no. 06, 2009, pp. 46-2985-46–2985, doi:10.5860/choice.46-2985.

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