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POL 330- Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing Body Language

Aug 17, 2023

    Answer the following…

    1. Provide a summary of the two speeches. 

    Martin Luther King Jr. gave a powerful speech that has remained memorable for most people in the world so that they can understand how difficult life was for black citizens. By the year 1963 during the memorable speech given by him, based on the Civil Rights Movement, which is demonstrated and helped in Washington. Therefore, the speech “I Have a Dream”, gives a message about bringing in justice and freedom for all the Black Americans who are mainly oppressed within the society and have been facing discrimination from the larger portion of the society. Dr. King has given powerful information in his speech based on the United States Constitution that guaranteed Independence to bring equality to black Americans rather than discriminating the white Americans. Therefore, Dr. King in his speech mentioned bringing liberty for free, and communication with the people.

    As stated by Alicia Garza stated the speech on a particular note is “Black Lives Matter”, a movement based on the co-foundered response made to police brutality that has targeted black people and their community within the American society. Alicia’s speech has mainly focused on giving the rights to domestic workers, acknowledging the issues faced by females in society. Alicia took the initiative to make the call for action to end the brutality done by police on humans as this has violated Human Rights ( 2015). Additionally, Alicia gave her speech, on the context stating the background on the racial injustice for the blacks to live a life on a matter of movement to believe the ideology and actions taken up by the government so that the blacks could even address the issue.

    2. Compare Dr. King’s leadership, charisma, power, and passion to capture his audience to Alicia Garza’s speech. What are the similarities, if any? What are the differences, if any?

    Comparing the speech from Dr. King and Alicia indicates the similarities. This is mainly focused on the facts that dealt with the details to deliver the speech to bring freedom within the community and give the blacks a proper life. Hence, both the speakers while giving their speeches circulated about their sorrow for the people who belong to the black community. They mainly made an indication towards the white community which acts as the supreme character and dominated the society and treat the blacks to be alienated. Hence, maintaining proper communication also emphasizes a point that uses the facial expression of Dr. King and Alicia to present their love and affection for the Black community who have to face discrimination within society. The speakers in their speech mentioned that every time their speech is based on a painful note to bring out the injustice done by the white society and the brutal behavior done by the police toward the African-American community (, 2017). This video indicates the facial expression of both the speaker as they acquire a hope to bring freedom to the people on a good note and can gift the Afro-American people a good life. This speech in the video was so clearly mentioned by Dr. King.   

    3. How does the location of the speeches support their messaging? Dr. King’s speech was held in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, whereas today we have social networking and more avenues to relay messages. Does messaging make a difference?

    Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech is significant as this helped us to evaluate his emotions and his ideas about the ill-treatment and brutality faced by the people. The video reveals that his speech is full of energy and he put his strength while questioning the audience to develop interaction to deliver his message. Dr. King is remembered as a charismatic leader who easily communicated and had an influence on the infectious struggle done by African American to get their civil rights. Therefore, in his speech, he tried to give out the message to his audience about the enthusiasm that can move and persuade the battle for equality. Therefore, his voice was so strong, and it was projected towards making his speech emphasized within a single speech. Hence, King Martin Jr. uses statistics and evidence-based real-life problems, to bring equality among blacks and whites. In this context, he drew the message to get the attention of the audience because he thinks that it was only one-sided. This video shows his body language, which was full of grace as he hoped to see his dream come true one day. Alternatively, the speech from Alicia Garza, who speaks about Black Lives Matter, lacked the strength and enthusiasm, portrayed by Dr. King. Apart from this, she spoke about the political scientist who would be hesitant enough to strike into her conversation. Therefore, I think that her voice lacked that strength and vitality, which the audience could applaud when she addresses Dr. King.

    Apart from this, Abraham Lincoln was remembered for his struggle, which he deeds to create a liberal society for the blacks and rescue them from being slaves. As a result, Dr. King mainly raises his voice to promote his message which is deprived of the notion that African Americans shall get a position within the nation. In the Civil War Martin Luther King Jr. commanded the Americans based on conveying a proper message to give blacks an equal position. Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I Have a Dream”, addressed the crowd about Lincoln’s struggle, when he held the speech in his memorial church (, 2017). However, Martin Luther chose to deliver his message in the church to claim about humans to learn about equality, which is made by God, that needs no bigotry, hatred, and slavery. Therefore, injustice is contradicted in the Biblica teachings, where Luther mentioned the struggle for liberty.   

    As compared with the advancement of technology, the manner is acknowledged to transmit a change. Therefore, social media or networks have evolved on a powerful note to communicate with each other at a rapid pace. Therefore, in the case of the Civil Rights leader, they return today to deliver their message and learn about the campaign made for Human Rights is a legendary or a symbolic agent ( 2017). Therefore, even in the case of American society, Dr. King’s speech attracted the audience while creating a powerful link with Lincoln’s struggle. As a result, messaging or giving out a speech in a strong voice helps in learning about the significance of how brutality was faced by black people. Social networking has its influence due to the technological influence to spread the message of Dr. King worldwide. For instance, Facebook and YouTube play a significant role in the social media that joins the videos and the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. Hence, in case of Alicia Garza, who developed Black Live Matter, tried to express herself through the avenues to rely on the messages of Martin Luther Jr. but did not have any charge or strength in her voice that could wake up the lulled audience. Yet, I even think that, in my opinion, I would like to mention that in recent times, messaging with the use of social media is very significant as this has helped in spreading the message on a true note, which can connect the audience. As a result, the hand postures, and the body language in King Martin Luther Jr.’s speech create relativity with the audience, which can create a connection with a strong message given to him on the Negro slaves. Hence, he even mentioned that God almighty made all of us the same, so we are supposed to be equal and the blacks shall get an equal opportunity like the whites.

    4. Describe how the audience in Dr. King’s speeches relates to Alicia Garza’s audience. Do you see a similarity or differences between the speeches and the audience?

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. uses a powerful appeal to convey the message to his audience, as his speech is related to Alicia Garza’s audience. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tried to take his audience on a journey, as he discusses the world and the brutality which was faced by the black Native Americans and the police brutality. He conveyed the life of Black people, who had to face brutality, even today. Apart from this, based on his rhetorical strategies can be analyzed through his modern speeches that are given by another activist Alicia Garza. Alicia was another Civil Rights activist who is partnered with Black lives matter, who eventually have similar rhetorical strategies to spread awareness about the police, as shown in the video, and reveals the brutality of modern American society. Martin Luther King Jr. and Alicia Garza, use their logical insight to describe the ethical and emotional appeals to learn about conveying a deeper knowledge and sense to understand discrimination and inequality. Therefore, this creates a power of non-violent protest to look into the corrupted society of the past and learn about the present. Dr. King in his speech said about the significant role of the Civil Rights Act, of 1964, so that the African-America can get rid of the situation they faced, thriving to get Voting Rights.

    Both the speaker stated and gave out their opinion on the brutality faced by the Negros. The demand of the Negros and Black community people is to get equal rights within the society. Thus, Alicia even tried to encourage the people so that they can bring equality to black people. Hence, Alicia even developed the campaign “Black Life Matters”, which is one of the significant entities that can help black people to get an equal position. Both the speakers stated about the police how brutal treatment was given to the blacks, while the whites used to treat blacks as slaves. Therefore, Martin Luther King Jr. and Alicia Garza both wanted blacks to get equal rights.

    There is a wide difference between the speech of Dr. King and Alicia’s because his voice had the strength that encouraged the audience, that had the passion, the strength, and the energy which had grace in their body. Therefore, Dr. King’s voice called the audience, and the audience could not meet the terms of the speech of Alicia Garza. Thus, her body language was not that strong, as compared with her voice, and her compelling was also not that strong. She spoke very gently, which lulled the audience to fall asleep. Thus, the body language of Martin Luther Jr. mainly evolves around the analysis with grace and strength that charged up the audience. As a result, the body language of Alicia is very simple when she was delivering her speech, during the debate which was listened to by the audience but did not connect with their emotions.    

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