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POL 223- WK 1 Critical Thinking Assignment

Sep 5, 2023

In this assignment, you will answer two questions to get you to start thinking about political culture and development.

1. Compare and contrast the three types of political
culture. Why is an understanding of political culture
important for understanding state and local politics?

2. Discuss and define the four stages of political

WK 1 Critical Thinking Assignment

1. Compare and contrast the three types of political culture. Why is an understanding of political culture important for understanding state and local politics?

In this case, the political culture mainly relies upon the narration that deals with the significance of each state. This often includes the general attitudes as well as the beliefs based on the government. On the other hand, this essay mainly narrates about how this is based on the three different political structures based on their culture which often encompasses all the variety of culture which states about being moralistic, the individualistic, and the traditionalism. Therefore, moralistic based on the political culture mainly focus on the government as well as on the political culture which is completely different from an outlook, which states about the political culture as it thinks about the government as well as an extension made by the significance to narrate about the things made already. On the other hand, the government mainly states the significance of the political culture that thinks about the government as well as looking out to means about their personal goals and their wants. Moreover, the government should be an aid that deals with the people instead of getting hold of their goals and desires. Finally, in the case of the traditionalistic political culture as it is described by the “province of elites”, where the normal people do not understand the meaning of the politics, instead of the ideologies it is left up with a higher ups. Thus, it is based on a higher note which is based on the belief as well as the government to help people keep the significance of the social order as well as give out the power to elites (Toepfl, 2020).

Moreover, I look forward to the definition that is given about the significance of the primary fact that deals with the political culture, which is automatic, with several differences that are observed. Out of all the three natures, it is developed with the significance that primarily deals with observation. Thus, in the case of moralistic things which was probably based on making an observation. This was based on the founding fathers as it wanted by the government as well as the politics to gain an asset to make a recommendation to relate about the something which is based about the society which can become a better stay while it can be organized so that it can be made chaos with an asset which does not get a reign. Moreover, this deals with the significance of the hands, that elites about ensure the “lowly” people are selected on an analysis basis. Finally, \in the case of the individualistic people which deals with the people who want the government to make an existence about them rather than learning about the intervention as there is life so that one can make choices with them. Thus, they would rather follow the significance of the ideologies to learn about their personal goals as well as gain that let the government support them rather than push against them.

Political culture plays a vital role, which helping an individual understand state and local politics. This is because of the determinants of politics where the people are involved and acknowledge how the government even goes forth to learn about the requirement. Thus, this depends upon the state government while the politics is required to be handled in a different form of the political culture to find out the significance of the government leadership. Thus this can be compared with the integral faith underneath the conversation as the Christians believe in God while believing in their same values, along with the differences to learn about the differences between each Christian. Thus, in the case of the interpretations, it gives out the value of different looks and an overall impact.

2. Discuss and define the four stages of political development.

In the case of every political system, has to move on with the different stages to make a further political development to a certain degree. Thus, the political system mainly ensures going through certain stages. Thus, the four political development mainly includes unification, politics of welfare, politics of modernization and lastly, it is abundance. Moreover, political development mainly consists of the primary factors that state that “political development refers to the growth and the change that occur within the political system”. Thus, in cases of the political system which is yet to be started on the point as it is based on the ground on a zero form that focuses on the unification that thrived out the people, where everybody, depends on either the same page or can disclose about a close ability where one can work together to create a good standard of living (Mladenović et al. 2020). Thus, unification is based on the different stages that make a political development, under a primary function which is based on the government to develop a society or within the state.

The next stage can be considered as the politics of modernization. This is often described as the time of industrialization which often encourages the growth of the economy to thrive its expansion. Thus, in the case of California specifically indulged in the Gold Rush, the Big Four with that of the railroads as well as the discoveries of oil. Next in the case of the political system that would enter the stage under “politics of welfare”, which is often described as the stage of the government policy that ensures the tasks that deal with the shield along with a citizenry forms the hardship while managing a well-functioning economy to improve in the life through improving in their standard of living. For example, this can thrive out from the glimpse of the trouble which is caused by of Covid-which entirely points out the hardships that often occur as it is believed in the abundance of the stage (Kitanova, 2020).

In the case of the final stage which states the political development of the abundance stage, there is a state that settled in particular ways which creates an ability to deal with flexibility based on the different changes that occur over some time. Thus, this is because of the state which is settled into the things which are good and it is often earned as well as it is established throughout some times, I believe that this often causes a sense of false peace which requires to be addressed.


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