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POL 223- Week 8 Discussion: Crime and punishment

Sep 14, 2023

Select a contemporary issue such as urban development, education, crime and punishment, police reform, social equity / racial justice, health and welfare, affordable housing, immigration, homelessness, transportation, water shortage, energy, environment, or climate change and discuss how policymakers have attempted to deal with the issue. Also, discuss what are institutional and procedural mechanisms available to state, and local governments for correcting some of the problems associated with these issues

For successful completion of a discussion thread:

  • The initial post should be at least 2-3 paragraphs and each response should be at least 1-2 paragraphs.
  • Reply/comment and discuss with two different classmates.
  • Be thoughtful and respectful.

Week 8 Discussion:  Crime and punishment

Establishing the ideas of crime and punishment go hand in hand. Moreover, crime is the primary reason to learn about murder, robbery, fraud, and tort, even sexual attempts along with cyberbullies are all recognized to be criminal offenses. Perhaps all these criminal attempts require a perfect penalty which is a proper punishment required to be given to the culprit. On the other hand, punishment is recognized as a penalty that is deliberately imposed on the convicted person who committed the crime. Moreover, depending on the different kinds of crime occurring worldwide, the punishment section is also being changed. This is based on assistance to humanity to understand the reason for committing the crime can have an impact on society. However, this causes severe punishment for the criminal offense. According to Sarel (2022), criminal offenses often involve murder, rape, assault, and homicide. Apart from this, non-violent crime is also a criminal activity like robbery, burglary, or dealings with illicit drug use is also considered a criminal attempt. Yet, they must give proper punishment under penalty to the criminal.

Moreover, the influence of the formation of the United States Constitution and its Amendment focuses on the ideas that form the various types of punishment to be given to the criminal who has attempted the crime. Yet, the crime requires an adequate punishment under the 8th Amendment. Thus, the protection given to cruel and unusual punishment shall not protect the perpetrators while ensuring justice is served.

Therefore, crime and punishment require improvement so policymakers can deal with them. On the other hand, punishment requires a change so that proper guidelines are formed in order to help society and so that this shall bring appropriate policies to help people escape from crime. As stated by Karstedt & Endtrichtm (2022), punishment is a form of penalty often undertaken by the government to execute it rightly on the guilty person. The policies of punishment include issues related to criminal offenses juvenile justice, drug legislation, the case taking place, intimate partner violence, the prison which might be overcome, and giving safety to the school students and its staff. On the other hand, policies were also established in order to learn the variations of the federal immigration laws, Terrorist laws, as well as give a gateway to National security. Therefore, in the case of modern-day crime, can trace policies with specific changes related to contemporary issues on the grounds of high-level discretion (Sarel 2022). For instance, sentencing guidelines were numbered under different states along with the decision undertaken by the Federal Government norms. Yet, the crimes branch and the punishment often studied by those emancipated into criminal punishment emerged as it was incapacitated, along with deterrence, retribution, rehabilitation, and restoration.   


Karstedt, S., & Endtricht, R. (2022). Crime And Punishment: Public Opinion And Political Law-And-Order Rhetoric In Europe 1996–2019. The British Journal of Criminology, 62(5), 1116-1135.

Sarel, R. (2022). Crime and punishment in times of pandemics. European Journal of Law and Economics, 54(2), 155-186.

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