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POL 223- Week 2 Discussion Board: Article Review

Sep 5, 2023

Post a thoughtful reflection on one of the articles.
Do you agree with the author’s perspective?  Why or why not?
How does the article relate to Federalism?
Your written post should be at least 3 paragraphs.
This is an opinion piece, however. remember to support your statements with examples from the article.

Week 2 Discussion Board

I think that this article tells how Biden’s administration is facing challenges on the big Federalism. Yet, this article mainly relates with the fact that states that with the help of Obama’s administration’sto American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the challenge could have been rescued. Thus, this article in the beginning states in detail the efforts that often pump out more than $800 billion to stimulate the economy, which was about to collapse in the year 2008.

As compared with Biden’s strategy which enforces getting money fast, while warning the state as well as the local government to administer the risk factors along with managing the cash flow which was rather reinforced with their transparency. Thus, this article discovers how his office created a remarkable track of the time, related to the project to help people so that they can be rescued from all the troubles they face. Apart from this, it eventually used the GIS-based project map, which played a significant role in drilling down what was taking place quite literally, apart from blocking anywhere from the country.

Yet, the article mainly focuses on finding the significance of Biden’s administration so that it can overcome the challenges. It even focuses on Biden’s administration to state about the “do-it-fast”, and “do-it-in-the-spotlight” approach. Although the president plays a central role in directing the efforts taken up by Kamala Harris. Thus, this is true that Biden’s federalism agenda has been facing severe issues, which can be pointed out in this article, moreover, it was overcome at a pace too. Yet, to cure thousands of people who were able to survive was due to Biden’s administration as it gave away a quadruple distribution of the vaccine to the people.  As per my opinion, I would want to state that providing the fiscal allowance from Washington (Kettl, 2020). Thus, this article articulated the primary fact about the election which is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for the bipartisan stimulus bills which was the size of the Federal relief to the state and the local government, which developed itself for the people. Thus, this article makes statistics that deal with the primary facts like in the case of the initial want which was $900 billion. Moreover, in the case of the Republicans which drew a line no more than bringing out $400 million. Thus, in the case of the Democrats where the election was made behind them, the Republicans are inclined on a will which only doubled down by the role of McConnell as well as shaping out Biden’s prospects in the case of Hill.

This article is related to federalism because I think that this article mentions the significance of things that can denote its people, and work out for the people. Yet, to talk about Federalism, this article gave out all the significant points, because this gives a proper explanation related to the issue which is hidden below the surface while it is clear with an underlying significance. Thus, Biden’s administration is explicate on their Federalist strategy, or it might often pick up the issues at a particular time. Thus, this article also focuses on the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to end the battle caused due to the pandemic (Kettl, 2020). Thus, America had to lose several people, and to recover from that distribution camps were set up so that the government could ensure how to provide vaccines to all the people to win the battle without being into masks or having no masks melee for some time. Moreover, one of the toughest questions was that the American government was puzzled to learn about how to provide the shot into the arms of hundreds of millions of Americans. Yet, the challenges would only be mitigated when Biden’s administration could have administered a great chance in order rescue people while giving them a proper facility while creating an effectiveness to help them from the viral attack of COVID-19. Thus, to develop society, we all are required to move ahead from such a massive rethinking program with the Federal state local relations for a particular month.


Kettl, D. F. (2020). The Big Federalism Challenges Facing a Biden Administration. Governing: The Futures of States and Localities.

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