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PHIL 2306- Disney movies present the virtues Aristotle

Aug 21, 2023

    Certain Disney movies present the virtues Aristotle discusses in his work. For this extra credit assignment, please do the following:

    1) Watch ONE of the following movies (rent it, borrow it, find it on the internet somewhere, or if you have it, watch your copy of it)

    1. Mulan
    2. Hercules 
    3. Brave
    4. Coco
    5. Moana
    6. Write 500-600 words (short essay) following these instructions:

    Put the name of the movie at the top of the page Analyze the hero of the film through the lens of virtue ethics. Questions to write about: What virtues do the main characters have/acquire through their actions? What practices and repeated actions allowed the character to gain/maintain their moral character/virtue? What virtues did the main character possibly lack at the beginning, and how did they acquire it? Did any supporting characters learn virtue alongside the main character?

    Disney movies present the virtues, Aristotle


    The Moana story starts when in the entire world there is water and oceans around the world and then the entry of the land goddess takes place who has a heart that looks like a gem and is green in color. The goddess threw the gem into the ocean and due to that some parts of the oceans were taken by lands and everyone wants to acquire that green heart. Then the entry of one create takes place whose name is Moavi who looks like a human but is very strong and he is also the demigod of wind. He came to the island to take the heart of the goddess and by changing his many forms he successfully stole the heart. But soon the darkness rose all around and soon the other demigod arrive who is the demigod of fire (Maharani, 2018, p.5). Then Mauve took out his sword but it fell in the ocean and the green heart as well. Then the scene opens where one old lady tells the stories to the small children related to the island that after the gems get stolen the darkness takes place all around. All the children got scared to expect the one little brave girl Moana and the lady said that someone will surely come who will take the gem from Mauve and will put the gem in the place and greener will again take place. The small girl listens to the story as the old lady was his grandmother and she is the daughter of the chief of the tribe. Soon Moana leaves for the ocean and saves the tortoise from the bird the ocean is happy with the kindness of the small girl and gives the place to Moana and they both play together. Soon she got the green gem and soon her father arrived and the sea become as usual and the heart again fall into the ocean. After some years Moana is a grown-up girl and her grandmother shows her different type of boats and tell her that it is of our ancestor it is here because when the Mouvi stole the gem the darkness take place and the ocean become aggressive and destroyed all the boats. Her grandmother gives her that green gem heart and said her to go further and fight with the evil Mimi and show the star which guides her as the map. Soon his grandmother falls sick and asks her to fight with Moavi and provided the locket to protect the locket (Khairunnisa, 2018, p.6). 

    Moana soon meets Moavi and he put Moana in caves but she came out with that. Soon Moana and Moavi become a friend and Mauve save Moana from arrows. Then Moavi tells his story that when his sword fell into the ocean and he want that back and he has also stolen the green gem which fall into the ocean then Moana suggests putting the goddess’s heart in the same place so that people can remember Moavi in good names mad he agrees to do that as well. Then both Moavi and Moana reach the island and fought with the fire monster so that they can put their heart but soon Moana learns that the fire demigod is none other than the land demigod and she turns aggressive after losing her heart and people have also cheated. Soon Moana calmly the goddess and put the heart soon the darkness was removed and nature take place and Moana return with victory to her tribe. 

    The character here Moana arrives as the humanity and the justice virtue. Her action proved that she has done all the things to return the gem to the actual owner who is the goddess (Althaf, 2018, p.2). She also shows courage and returns the gems to the real owner. This virtue of hers is seen in the film where she also stood up to save another whether she is a small girl or had grown up as well.

    In the beginning, Moana lacks the courage to fight and go to the ocean but with her grandmother’s instruction, she goes there. She was not confident enough that she would be able to fight with the Moavi but she has the determination that she will do it. She has overcome this when her grandmother said that the ocean has chosen her for doing this great work and she need to do it. Though her parents were scared to send her she wants to go there and return the gem to the goddess and this determination of hers helps her to win the battle as well.

    Yes, the supporting actor Mauavi learns the virtue from the main character Moan and he also becomes a good person and returns the gems to the actual owner. He became a good person and helps Mona to return the same to the Goddess. 


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    Khairunnisa, A. (2018). A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE REPRESENTATION OF DISNEY’S WHITE AND NON-WHITE WOMEN IN BRAVE 2012 AND MOANA 2016 (Doctoral dissertation, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia). 

    Maharani, L. (2018). Morphemic analysis in script film “Moana” animation (Doctoral dissertation, IAIN Padangsidimpuan). 


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