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PHIL 150- Week 5 Discussion Questions

Aug 25, 2023

Answer the following questions…..

Week 5 Discussion Questions

1. The framers of the Constitution were concerned about the formation of political parties. Why?

Ans:     During the formation of America, leaders like Hamilton, Jefferson, and others proposed the idea of the formation of political parties as the leading group of societies, and the major irony behind the formation of the political parties was their purpose which reflected both affirmative side and the negative side, one shows the support for the constitution and the second side shows to oppose the constitution according to the public demand and their welfare (Araújo & Prior, 2021, p.230). In 1796, the power of the political parties came to be actively in power and it changed the dynamics of the political environment in America. Although several arguments suggest that the situation after the formation of the political parties made no difference but implanted different ideologies in the population to gain popularity to increase and fulfil their motive.

At the end of the twentieth century, there were two major political formations one was the democrats, and the second was the republicans these major political parties followed their constant ideologies to mould the system in America. According to the defining words of the book, each developing society has its different factions, sectors, and interests and they formed the constitutional rights to establish the particular systemic structure to maintain the society. Even after the formation of the first party system, the farmers started to feel detached from the governmental rights and parties could not be the voice of the farmers and the ruler party also fuelled the urge of the farmers. The Federalist Part ruled till 1800 and the political formations of America saw several dynamical changes and it also left an impact on the economic development in the growth.

2. If you were an elected official today how would you serve the people?

Ans:    Before answering the question, it is important to analyze the duties of the elected officials and their dedication to the people and also properly devoted to the constitutional changes to reform the development of the country. It is a huge responsibility as an elected official and brings “special powers” (Weaver et al. 2019, p.1154). The major purposes of the elected officials are the opt for the taxes of the properties and the values of the properties, the circuit court and comptroller, the county court judge, commissioners, and others. If I were chosen as an elected official, my first job would be to go through the taxation and the submissions properly for property matters.

The next job would be establishing a new agency or a new plan for the development of current issues like water supplement, the proper housing criteria, and the implementation of strong policy issues so that it would help to determine the working and improvement of the management of the city and its development. In many cases, the government appoints different government officials to serve and manage the city progrmonitornitoring the process for fulfillment the process of the public demand. I would also see the purpose and the determination of the implanted mission so that I would also consider the project as a requirement. I would also look at the political programs and the involvement of the other governmental officials which will improve district management for operations. My post would also represent the legislative figures and the importance of constitutional rights form of the government and the classifications of the city management system and it also shows the working development and jurisdictions.  


Araújo, B., & Prior, H. (2021). Framing political populism: The role of media in framing the election of Jair Bolsonaro. Journalism Practice15(2), 226-242.

Weaver, V., Prowse, G., & Piston, S. (2019). Too much knowledge, too little power: An assessment of political knowledge in highly policed communities. The Journal of Politics81(3), 1153-1166.

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