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PHIL 150- Week 2 discussion

Aug 23, 2023

Answer the following questions…

Week 2 discussion

1. What is Plato’s form theory?

ans:     Plato’s form theory suggests that the physical principality of the sphere is just a reflected vision or a delusional shadow of the universal true spheres and realms. in this theory, the influence of scepticism and the thoughts and teachings of the philosopher Socrates has often seen which also shows the prime concept that the physical world is changeable and it is unreliable due to changes in its constant dynamic situations and occurrences. The theory inquires about the existing unreliable form of the true realms and the form of the world indicates the actual existing form of the world of “permanence”. These forms explain the abstract of the prime form which is not changeable and the attempt of the recreation of these forms creates the imperfect shapes which represent the replica of the forms and even these forms represent the ultimate true identity of the truth and the independent abstract forms. the theory of the forms also defines the concept of the cave theory or “The Allegory of Cave” of Plato which is directly linked with the scenario of the cave and the cave persons (BAZALUK, 2019, p.30). although Plato also discovered that the majority of the population cannot be taught the true identity of the true realm and these existing particular forms are only being recalled but not by any particular education. Plato also defined particularly identified groups who only can understand these forms through the visible world and they are the philosophers. Plato also defines the senses as see, touch, and smell, these only highlight the time dimensional and the deceiving identity of the present which is just a reflection of the truth of these independent forms.

2. How do you convert the form of compassion into reality?

ans:     According to the philosophies and theories, the form of compassion creates a belief in ourselves which gives us relief from any kind of pain and creates a delusional comfort within the self. the form of compassions has several argumentative factors like the receiving process of compassion and the extended process of compassions, and at last, self-compassion, and these compassions create unreal satisfaction in the thoughts of an individual. One of the prime concepts in the state of compassion is suffering and the suffering from both sides highlights different feelings like agony and depression which shows two dynamic forms the first one is the suffering of the people who are not guilty and the second one is the suffering of the people who are actual guilty (Riches et al. 2022, p.3). these guilt and emotions like empathy, compassion, kindness, and pity are the basic fundamental moral values and the moral understanding of passion in the human conscious mind and help to develop an individual’s mind to create imaginary self-transition to fully set the concept of the interpersonal sphere in the self-improvement. the form of compassion creates a multi-sphere conceptual dilemma of mind and the dilemma often churns out various emotions like pain sorrow and anguish these feelings help us to discover our inner thoughts and self-reflection in the present situation and slowly this compassion turns into reality for us. sometimes this reality also shows us the dimensional paths and these paths reflect various changes in an individual’s life and way of thought. these compassion can leave us in two states of life, either it could take us in the senses of self-acknowledgment or self-delusion.


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