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PHIL 106- Outline & Annotated Bibliography

Aug 22, 2023

Outline & Annotated Bibliography

This is the second stage of the paper where you present your research. Please submit an Outline and Annotated Bibliography using the guidelines below:

1) Outline: The outline should address the major sections of your paper. Since this is a work-in-progress, your outline is subject to revision before you submit your final paper, so I’m not asking for a polished or overly-detailed outline. The outline should include major headings and sub-headings, and demonstrate a clear sense of the logical progression of your paper.

2) Annotated bibliography: The annotated bibliography must include the normal bibliographic details for a source (author, date, publisher, etc.), but also a summary paragraph of the book or article, highlighting the value of the source to your topic. Your annotated bibliography must include at least three books or journal articles (Wikipedia does not count as a journal or book). You will need to find relevant sources in advance of the due date for the bibliography to review and annotate them.


Outline & Annotated Bibliography

Thesis statement

Karl Marx, Plato, and Aristotle were famous philosophers of their period. They all have their thoughts which somehow match when analyzed carefully. The paper will analyze their view or thoughts on the views of the state and communism.


Political Thoughts by Philosophers

Aristotle’s views on the state

Plato’s view on the state

Karl Marx’s view on the state

Philosophers on Communism

Aristotle’s view of Communism

Plato’s View of Communism

Karl Marx’s view on communism

  1. Conclusions
  2. a) They had contrasting views on the ideal state
  3. b) Each philosophy differs in its concept of communism

Annotated Bibliography

Barker, E. (2012). The political thought of Plato and Aristotle. Courier Corporation.

Through an analysis of Plato’s and Aristotle’s writings, this book gives a clean and correct exposition of Greek political ideas and thoughts. The book additionally significantly examines Plato’s dialogues when it comes to Greek politics and the way they have affected Western politics. It explores Plato’s ideas’ genesis and ancient context. Political occasions in Greece had an influence. This book is honest as it offers the chronological sequences of the political theories advanced via way of means of Plato and Aristotle in historical Greece. Great thinkers and their political philosophies had been recorded in so setting up the credibility, of numerous books. The different supply and this one are connected assets in that it outlines Plato’s political principles. Additionally, it relates to my studies. subject matter because it offers the viewpoints of a logician I am searching into.

Ebenstein, W., & Ebenstein, A. O. (2000). Great political thinkers: Plato to the present.

Wadsworth Publishing Company.

The writers provide perceptive and punctiliously taken into consideration-political thoughts from one-of-a-kind philosophers, starting from Plato to the Gift. They declare that notwithstanding residing in very one-of-a-kind historic eras, Plato and Marx had standards that had been almost identical. It additionally discusses Marx’s and Plato’s unique theories on communism and the best state, respectively. They gift the political philosophies of various historic period thinkers. This book is extraordinarily truthful as it consists of the philosophers’ unique standards and gives samples from their unique manuscripts. It has additionally been tested several times, so the political standards mirror the ones of the historic age. The book is associated with the alternative assets because, withinside the opinion of well-known thinkers and philosophers, it’s far an amazing and useful resource book for gaining knowledge of approximately political science. Given that it expresses the standards of Marx and Plato, it’s far more pertinent to the difficulty being studied.

Mukherjee, S., & Ramaswamy, S. (2011). A history of political thought: Plato to Marx. PHI

Learning Pvt. Ltd.

This book concentrates its dialogue on cutting-edge readings of traditional political philosophers’ writings. It revives the conventional political concept and discusses intensive the thoughts and ideas of the finest philosophers, together with Plato, Aristotle, and Marx. Some of the primary standards mentioned withinside the book consist of universalism, localism, and the precise kingdom, in addition to how Marx and Plato stimulated contemporary politics. This textual content is sincere because it carries the important thing standards of each political philosopher, from Plato to Marx. Due to its dialogue of the divergent perspectives on the precise kingdom held through Marx and Plato, it’s miles associated with alternative sources. I selected this web website online as it might be an awesome aid for the user whilst composing the very last project. 

Goodin, R. E., Pettit, P., & Pogge, T. W. (2012). A companion to contemporary political

philosophy (Vol. 105). John Wiley & Sons.

The authors examine numerous political philosophies from the viewpoints of numerous philosophers. In this model of the text, Plato and Marx are brought and discussed. with a focal point on how their conceptions of the perfect nation and communism have inspired cutting-edge political events. Political philosophy has evolved right into an area within the final 3 decades. and is presently the difficulty of extensive research. The supply is straightforward due to the fact the editors Offer a complete angle of the numerous issues vital to political philosophy. Furthermore, it connects to the opposite assets via way of means of addressing political philosophy.

Vatai, F. (2014). Intellectuals in Politics in the Greek World (Routledge Revivals): From Early Times to the Hellenistic Age. Routledge.

This book covers the political theories and notions superior via way of means of many philosophers who’ve encouraged social development. It assesses every philosopher’s and social scientist’s contribution to present-day politics. It additionally seems at a number of the political philosophers’ achievements, with a focal point on the political ideas of thinkers like Plato. The affairs of the state and ideas of those thinkers had been a trial and regulated society. The book is sincere because it presents documentation of the political philosophers’ various chronological ideas. It is likewise pertinent to the study’s subject matter as it examines the political philosophy of many thinkers, inclusive of Plato.

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